Infosphere — June 2021

Original Source Here I recently joined the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design at Nesta, the UK’s Innovation Foundation. My team studies, designs and builds systems that combine human and machine intelligence to tackle social challenges. Collective intelligence is a highly rich set of disciplines and methods covering nano, micro, meta and global macro perspectives andContinue reading “Infosphere — June 2021”

Transkrypcja dźwięku na tekst

Original Source Here Transkrypcja dźwięku na tekst Transkrypcja to proces tworzenia tekstowej wersji audio lub wideo. Polega na słuchaniu każdego wypowiadanego słowa i zapisaniu dokładnego słowa w dokumencie. Transkrypcje wywiadów czy podcastów to bardzo niewdzięczna praca, która dodatkowo jest bardzo czasochłonna. Wygląda jednak na to, że ludzie zostaną wkrótce w tym wyręczeni przez sztuczną inteligencję.Continue reading “Transkrypcja dźwięku na tekst”

AutoCorrect / Spell Check using Attention Model*9xFxLh3VeSoJiwwQ Original Source Here AutoCorrect / Spell Check using Attention Model Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash Introduction This is part 2 of our Autocorrect/spell check blog. Click here to look at the previous blog. I would recommend you to read the previous blog before you read this. Today we are going to implement AttentionContinue reading “AutoCorrect / Spell Check using Attention Model”

5 Easy PyTorch Functions To Get You Started With PyTorch

Original Source Here 5 Easy PyTorch Functions To Get You Started With PyTorch Learning PyTorch can feel like a daunting task but sometimes you just have to start with smaller steps to take bigger leaps. Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash Pytorch is an open source machine learning framework developed in 2016 by Facebook’s AIContinue reading “5 Easy PyTorch Functions To Get You Started With PyTorch”

All about Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Original Source Here All about Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) Hola Readers! Today I come to you with yet another interesting topic in Deep Learning; Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Even though this topic should ideally come after discussing lots of other Machine learning and Deep Learning theories, I decided to go ahead and write this article.Continue reading “All about Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)”

#67: Has AI helped fight the COVID-19 pandemic?

Original Source Here Productized Artificial Intelligence 🔌 Artificial Intelligence and COVID-19 Although my daily new arXiv submissions notification emails have been full of papers about fighting COVID-19 with AI for the past year and a half, I’ve so far decided against writing about them in DT. From early on in the pandemic, the preprints allContinue reading “#67: Has AI helped fight the COVID-19 pandemic?”


Original Source Here What is MNIST dataset ? MNIST is a dataset of 70,000 images of digit handwritten by high school students and employees of the US Census Bureau. All images are labelled with the respective digit they represent. MNIST is the hello world of machine learning. There are 70,000 images and each image hasContinue reading “MNIST HANDWRITTEN DIGIT CLASSIFICATION”