MerzFiles #07: Happy New Year!

Original Source Here MerzFiles #07: Happy New Year! 2020 was in some ways okay year. Seriously You might probably say: “what”, or “huh?”, or “not again”, but I’m right (as always): it’s Old New Year, celebrated in Russia with Julian Calender. OK, I’m not in Russia for decades, but still celebrating both: 2x Xmas, 2xContinue reading “MerzFiles #07: Happy New Year!”

How to start with the Mars orbital Mission the Pymars_india?

Original Source Here How to start with the Mars orbital Mission the Pymars_india? Satellite data manipulation of mars dataset of Nasa and Mars orbital mission (India) Introduction India’s first interplanetary mission into the Martian orbit on this day, i.e., September 24, from where it was going to circle the Red Planet for the next sixContinue reading “How to start with the Mars orbital Mission the Pymars_india?”

Machine Translation On Local Computer: the AI Way or Drained-Wallet Way

Original Source Here Machine Translation On Local Computer: the AI Way or Drained-Wallet Way Image by ddzphoto from Pixabay Short Introduction Are you aware that you can have a fully flagged local machine translation engine running on your local laptop? I know. Who needs this, in this time when Google offers this for free onContinue reading “Machine Translation On Local Computer: the AI Way or Drained-Wallet Way”

Swimlane raises $40 million to automate cybersecurity operations Original Source Here Swimlane, a Denver-based security operations management software provider, today announced it raised $40 million. The funding will be put toward accelerating partnerships and alliances, expanding R&D, and enabling further global expansion, the company says. According to Markets and Markets, the security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) segment is expected to reach $1.68 billionContinue reading “Swimlane raises $40 million to automate cybersecurity operations”

Network Automatic Pruning: Start NAP and Take a Nap

Original Source Here Network Automatic Pruning: Start NAP and Take a Nap 介紹: 本文提出了自動化的Pruning方法,取代先前大多採用手動調整壓縮率的Pruning方式,在Fine-grained pruning和Structured pruning上都有不錯的效果。概念與NAS自動搜尋網路架構的方式很類似,幾乎不需要調整到Hyperparameter。三位作者皆來自Uber旗下的Uber ATG公司 Fine-grained pruning removes individual parameters from a network, and thus saves the storage space and benefits for embedded systems. Structured pruning, on the other hand, typically removes wholechannels (filters) from a network and thus achieves inferencespeed-up with noContinue reading “Network Automatic Pruning: Start NAP and Take a Nap”

K Health raises $132 million to launch AI-powered telemedical pediatric service Original Source Here New York City-based K Health today closed a $132 million series E funding round led by GGV Capital and Valor Equity Partners, bringing the company’s total raised to date to over $271 million. In conjunction with the round’s closure, K Health launched K for Parents, a program offering parents access to aContinue reading “K Health raises $132 million to launch AI-powered telemedical pediatric service”

An Executive Introduction to AI/ML/DL

Original Source Here An Executive Introduction to AI/ML/DL The concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) are essential to understand for every business executive and manager. The disrupting and evolving AI technology is changing every business today and many more in the near future. Here is a brief introduction toContinue reading “An Executive Introduction to AI/ML/DL”

Don’t hesitate to say “Hello, Machine Learning”

Original Source Here Don’t hesitate to say “Hello, Machine Learning” Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash Almost all developers and computer science enthusiasts wish to master the art of machine learning at some points. But most of them find it very difficult to start with. If you are one of them, you are in theContinue reading “Don’t hesitate to say “Hello, Machine Learning””

Best Machine Learning/AI Books for the 2021*crs14GimgIJZ3rIP Original Source Here Best Machine Learning/AI Books for the 2021 As a developer, AI/ML has been a really lucrative and interesting field. For my 2021 years resolution, I am going to jump back into this field and focus on learning more and practicing. I have found a list of books that helped me soContinue reading “Best Machine Learning/AI Books for the 2021”