Hyperparameter Tuning of Support Vector Machine Using GridSearchCV

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2600/0*S9C32-m_eN7FRVJi Original Source Here The models can have many hyperparameters and finding the best combination of the parameter using grid search methods. What is SVM? SVM stands for Support Vector Machine. It is a Supervised Machine Learning algorithm. It is used for both classification and regression problems. It uses a kernel strategy to modify yourContinue reading “Hyperparameter Tuning of Support Vector Machine Using GridSearchCV”

AI research survey finds machine learning needs a culture change

https://venturebeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/b9355a07-e2bb-4f05-9662-bdce9c625cb4-e1586377374664.png?fit=578%2C387&strip=all Original Source Here The machine learning community, particularly in the fields of computer vision and language processing, has a data culture problem. That’s according to a survey of research into the community’s dataset collection and use practices published earlier this month. What’s needed is a shift away from reliance on the large, poorly curatedContinue reading “AI research survey finds machine learning needs a culture change”

Landmark Recognition — Final Project at Ironhack Amsterdam

Original Source Here Landmark Recognition — Final Project at Ironhack Amsterdam In October 2020, I did an intensive Bootcamp in Data Analytics from Ironhack Amsterdam. It is a coding boot camp that will turn you into a real analyst in just 9 weeks. It’s a very intense program where you can learn data analytics fromContinue reading “Landmark Recognition — Final Project at Ironhack Amsterdam”

AWS Data Storages for Machine Learning

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1400/0*oe2Fz0Enybll5cr_ Original Source Here AWS Data Storages for Machine Learning AWS services that we can use to store our data for our machine learning problems. Different types of AWS data storage 1. Amazon Simple Storage(S3) :- Amazon simple storage service or S3 provides us a way for unlimited data storage that provides object-based storage forContinue reading “AWS Data Storages for Machine Learning”

Korean Tokenization & Lemmatization

Original Source Here Korean Tokenization & Lemmatization Note: If you have the labeled data and you are not planning to operate directly with words, probably your solution could be a pre-trained network such as KoBERT or even fancier — KoELECTRA. If you are searching for some “lighter” approaches, you can build your vocabulary using somethingContinue reading “Korean Tokenization & Lemmatization”

Generate a Complete 3D Scene Under Arbitrary Lighting Conditions from a Set of Input Images

Original Source Here Generate a Complete 3D Scene Under Arbitrary Lighting Conditions from a Set of Input Images This new method is able to generate a complete 3-dimensional scene and has the ability to decide the lighting of the scene. All this with very limited computation costs and amazing results compared to previous approaches. ImageContinue reading “Generate a Complete 3D Scene Under Arbitrary Lighting Conditions from a Set of Input Images”

All multivariate time series are not born equal

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2600/0*v3HWiCCQzfTKv2bw Original Source Here At each process step, the production line collects many parameters: Some time series are coming from sensors linked to each piece of equipment: they are used to monitor each equipment themselves. Others might be linked to environmental conditions when they can impact the manufacturing process (e.g. atmosphere hygrometry or external temperature)Continue reading “All multivariate time series are not born equal”

Basics and Beyond: Linear Regression

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/2600/0*9C5Z-skoDfABQ9Y3 Original Source Here This post will walk you through linear regression from the very basics. When starting off with machine learning Linear Regression is probably one of the first topics that one comes across and honestly it is one of the most widely and easily implemented algorithms as well. Linear Regression comes under theContinue reading “Basics and Beyond: Linear Regression”

Daily Newsletter — 26th December 2020

Original Source Here Daily Newsletter — 26th December 2020 An open-source MLOps framework, Data Analysis Project Walkthrough on Crimes against Women and a Chrome Extension for sharing Jupyter Notebooks in today’s Data Science Daily 📰 ZenML — open-source MLOps framework 💻 ZenML is an extensible, open-source MLOps framework for using production-ready Machine Learning pipelines —Continue reading “Daily Newsletter — 26th December 2020”

Enhancing Security Measures through Clothes Detection

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/813/0*K11DiK_Hpm1b9mkl Original Source Here 1. The Big Picture To start off, building such a complex system requires a perfect interplay between many working parts which as a result contributes to the whole. Firstly, we have to begin by building modules that work on the whole image. For example, and in order to begin extracting allContinue reading “Enhancing Security Measures through Clothes Detection”