Amazon flexes its retail muscle with a brick-and-mortar clothing store

Original Source Here Signaling its ambitions to make a dent in the apparel market, Amazon today opened its first physical clothing store, Amazon Style, in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Offering a twist on the traditional experience, visitors to the Glendale, California shop at The Americana At Brand use an app to scan codes onContinue reading “Amazon flexes its retail muscle with a brick-and-mortar clothing store”

Stanford AI Lab Papers and Talks at ACL 2022

Original Source Here The 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) 2022 is taking place May 22nd – May 27th. We’re excited to share all the work from SAIL that’s being presented, and you’ll find links to papers, videos and blogs below. Feel free to reach out to the contact authors directlyContinue reading “Stanford AI Lab Papers and Talks at ACL 2022”

Deepfakes are now being used to help solve crimes

Original Source Here A deepfake video created by Dutch police could help to change the often negative perception of the technology. Deepfakes use generative neural network architectures – such as autoencoders or generative adversarial networks (GANs) – to manipulate or generate visual and audio content. The technology is already being used for malicious purposes includingContinue reading “Deepfakes are now being used to help solve crimes”

A helping hand for robotic manipulator design Original Source Here MIT researchers have created an interactive design pipeline that streamlines and simplifies the process of crafting a customized robotic hand with tactile sensors. Typically, a robotics expert may spend months manually designing a custom manipulator, largely through trial-and-error. Each iteration could require new parts that must be designed and tested fromContinue reading “A helping hand for robotic manipulator design”

AI chip startup bags another $30M ahead of growth

Original Source Here As the demand for AI-powered apps grows, startups developing dedicated chips to accelerate AI workloads on-premises are reaping the benefits. A recent ZDNet piece reaffirms that the AI edge chip market is booming, fueled by “staggering” venture capital financing in the hundreds of millions of dollars. EdgeQ, Kneron, and Hailo are amongContinue reading “AI chip startup bags another $30M ahead of growth”

A review: development of named entity recognition (NER) technology for aeronautical information intelligence

Original Source Here Abstract The rapid development of data and artificial intelligence technology has introduced new opportunities and challenges to aeronautical information intelligence. However, there are many obstacles in the sharing, reasoning and reusing aeronautical data due to the disunity of norms, the opacity of sharing and semantic ambiguity. To a large extent, as aContinue reading “A review: development of named entity recognition (NER) technology for aeronautical information intelligence”