7 Cheat Sheets about Data Science I Wish I Knew Before (As a Beginner)

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7 Cheat Sheets about Data Science I Wish I Knew Before (As a Beginner)

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As a beginner in Python-based Data Science, you may be wondering how to learn and understand the language’s key concepts and libraries.

Now it is time for you to have access to helpful cheat sheets that can greatly assist you.

What are Cheat Sheets?

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Cheat sheets are concise, quick references that provide a fast and efficient way to learn and review key concepts.

They are particularly beneficial for beginners in data science, as they provide a thorough overview of various topics in a digestible format.

In this article, I will give you 7 widely-used well-designed cheat sheets in Python for Data Science that I wish I had known about when starting my journey.

Best of all, these cheat sheets are completely free and easily accessible online. So remember, to make your learning process smoother and faster, utilize these cheat sheets.

Cheat Sheets for Data Science

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Here are 25 cheat sheets that cover a range of topics in data science. These cheat sheets are dedicated to helping you better understand and navigate the world of data science.

SQL Cheat Sheet : This Cheat sheet includes different queries, among with operators, constraints and different usage of the queries, will help you grasp the concept of SQL.

Working with Dates and Times in Python Cheat Sheet: Manipulating dates and times is a common task in data science. This cheat sheet will guide you through the basics of working with datetime data in Python​.

SciPy Cheat Sheet: Linear Algebra in Python: SciPy is a library used for scientific and technical computing in Python. It interacts well with NumPy, another library used for numerical operations. This cheat sheet is a handy reference with code samples for doing linear algebra with SciPy and interacting with NumPy​.

Numpy Cheat Sheet : Numpy is important, especially in Data Exploration and Manipulation by usings its statistical methods also is useful for machine learning too. This cheat sheet will help you getting familiar with it.

Also, here is my NumPy cheat sheet, will also guide you through.

Deep Learning Cheat Sheet : This cheat sheet is from Stanford. It includes too many graphs also formulas for data scientist to grasp the concept of Deep Learning fully.

Tensorflow, is the most popular library in Deep Learning, you can check this one’s cheat sheet in the form of article, here.

Scikit Learn Cheat Sheet: Scikit-learn is one of the most popular library in Python when it comes to apply machine learning. This cheat sheet on DataCamp, which is a comprehensive reference guide for using Scikit-learn, a popular machine learning library in Python.

If you want more, here is my article, which covers scikit learn functions.

ChatGPT Cheat Sheet : ChatGPT is really starts revoulitanizing the industries, among with Data Science.

Here is my Cheat Sheet that includes 80 different prompts about Data Sciences subfields like webscraping, data visualization, data exploration and machine learning.


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