Reviving the Art of Handwritten Communication with AI: Handwrytten’s Cutting-Edge Approach…

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  • Handwrytten creates handwritten notes for businesses and individuals to add a personal touch to customer correspondences.
  • They use real pens and ink, with 175 robots producing 10,000-20,000 cards per day in various handwriting styles.
  • The company uses AI to make the notes look realistic, including subtle shifts in word placement.
  • AI is also used for quality assurance, ensuring correct names and preventing errors.
  • Handwrytten offers an AI Assistant to help users create personalized notes.
  • They have a wide range of cards for different occasions and integrate with popular systems.
  • Customers can even replicate their own handwriting at a higher cost.
  • Single cards are available for $3.75, and subscription plans start at 25 cards per month.
  • Bulk pricing and prepaid plans are offered for larger-scale needs.

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Handwrytten, a Phoenix-based company, specializes in crafting handwritten notes for businesses and individuals seeking to infuse a personal touch into their customer correspondences. As society becomes increasingly entrenched in the digital era of emails, text messages, and social media, the art of the handwritten letter, thank-you card, or invitation has regrettably fallen by the wayside.

Diverging from the impersonal cursive fonts prevalent in various word processing software, Handwrytten’s offerings are meticulously transcribed using a Pilot G2 pen and imbued with blue ink. With an impressive fleet of 175 robots, the company churns out an astounding 10,000-20,000 cards daily, each exhibiting a distinctive handwriting style. From the charming monikers of Bounding Bernie and Carefree Kate to the sophisticated flair of Dapper Will, these diverse styles cater to an array of preferences.

FOX Business recently engaged in a conversation with Handwrytten’s CEO, David Wachs, the visionary who founded the enterprise in 2014. During the discussion, Wachs shed light on how Handwrytten leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

To ensure an authentic and genuine appearance, Handwrytten employs technology and coding techniques that grant the notes and letters an incredibly realistic aesthetic. The left margin deliberately eschews strict adherence to a ruler-straight alignment, while the spacing between sentences deliberately fluctuates, capturing the nuanced imperfections characteristic of human handwriting.

Enter AI, which comes into play through a process called warping. When humans write on blank paper, it is natural for words to occasionally deviate slightly in height. Handwrytten’s AI cleverly introduces subtle and random shifts between words, mirroring this innate human characteristic and enhancing the overall naturalness of the writing.

The company also harnesses the power of AI for quality assurance purposes. Wachs humorously remarked, “In the early days of Handwrytten when we were only dealing with 100 notes, we could easily handle the quality assurance ourselves.” However, with tens of thousands of notes being produced daily, such manual oversight is no longer feasible. Consequently, AI assumes the responsibility of scrutinizing each letter, ensuring the accuracy of names, prevention of ink depletion in pens, and averting mishaps when inadvertent bumps occur between humans and diligent robots.

Furthermore, Handwrytten offers a compelling solution for those grappling with writer’s block or uncertainty when crafting a note. The company provides a ChatGPT interface, known as the Handwrytten AI Assistant, allowing users to request assistance in generating personalized notes. This interactive system facilitates seamless collaboration, permitting users to fine-tune the note according to their preferences, ultimately saving them precious time and effort.

In addition to its comprehensive range of handwritten cards, which encompass various themes such as expressions of gratitude, condolences, celebrations of graduations, and new arrivals, Handwrytten takes pride in its API integration capabilities. The company seamlessly integrates with popular systems like Shopify, HubSpot, Zapier, Salesforce, among others, empowering businesses to streamline their workflows and enhance customer experiences. Moreover, Handwrytten offers customers the option to replicate their own handwriting, albeit at a high cost. This bespoke service necessitates custom coding, with pricing starting at $1,000 or more.

For individual customers seeking single cards, Handwrytten extends its offerings at a price of $3.75, which conveniently includes postage. Meanwhile, power users and businesses can avail themselves of subscription plans starting at 25 cards per month, ensuring a steady supply of thoughtful gestures. The company also caters to those with larger-scale needs through bulk pricing options and prepaid plans, catering to individuals and organizations keen on sending thousands.


Handwrytten’s innovative approach to handwritten notes presents significant opportunities within the market. By combining the personal touch of traditional correspondence with the efficiency and consistency of AI-powered automation, Handwrytten has carved a unique niche. Their use of realistic handwriting styles and attention to detail sets them apart, catering to businesses and individuals seeking authentic and meaningful customer interactions.

With API integration and customization options, Handwrytten has positioned itself as a valuable partner for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement strategies. Furthermore, their diverse pricing options accommodate both individual customers and enterprises with varying scale requirements. Overall, Handwrytten’s fusion of technology and personalization has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses communicate, offering a modern solution to revive the lost art of handwritten communication in the digital age.



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