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  • SprutCAM X introduces an integrated AI virtual assistant named Éncy.
  • The AI assistant is powered by ChatGPT technologies from OpenAI API.
  • Éncy can assist engineers with various aspects of CAM workflow, including explaining G-code, generating G-code from text descriptions, writing Python code for file creation, providing reference information for industrial robots and CNC machines, and answering user questions.
  • Engineers can communicate with Éncy using text commands in multiple languages.
  • SprutCAM X aims to enable a seamless transition from CAD to finished parts with a faster turnaround time.
  • The software offers a 30-day trial and can be downloaded from the official website.

Main AI News:

SprutCAM Tech is proud to announce the latest release of SprutCAM X, an innovative CAD/CAM software designed to empower the next generation of makers. This update introduces a groundbreaking feature—an AI virtual assistant—that revolutionizes the way engineers approach CNC machining tasks.

Powered by cutting-edge ChatGPT technologies from OpenAI API, the AI virtual assistant, named Éncy, serves as your trusted companion throughout the CAM workflow. With SprutCAM X’s intuitive interface and Éncy’s unparalleled expertise, achieving exceptional results has never been easier.

Upon launching SprutCAM X, users are warmly greeted by Éncy with the following message: “Hi, I’m Éncy, your AI assistant for SprutCAM X. Feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll be delighted to assist you.”

Éncy leverages the immense capabilities of deep learning models to comprehend and generate natural language. Engineers can seamlessly communicate with Éncy using text commands in multiple languages, enabling a truly global user experience.

Here are some of the remarkable tasks Éncy can perform:

1. Demystify G-code: The AI assistant can provide comprehensive explanations for each line of code or command generated during post-processing. Should you require clarification on any aspect, Éncy will furnish you with detailed insights into its purpose and necessity.

2. Effortless G-code Generation: With Éncy, generating G-code has never been more straightforward. Simply describe the desired operation in text, such as “drill a 10 mm diameter hole at point (100, 25),” and witness as the AI wizard swiftly generates the corresponding G-code for you.

3. Python Code Wizardry: Éncy empowers you to create .dxf or .stl files effortlessly using Python code. Seamlessly navigate the process with the AI assistant’s expert guidance, and observe the results unfold in real time—a true marvel of efficiency.

4. Indispensable Industrial Insights: In collaboration with MachineMaker—a zero-code application for constructing digital twins—Éncy serves as a valuable resource by providing reference information about your industrial robot or CNC machine. Whether you seek dimensions, specifications, capabilities, or limitations, the AI assistant is at your service.

5. Unrestricted Expertise: Éncy goes beyond the software’s operations, offering an open platform for any inquiry you may have. Engage in meaningful conversations about CNC tips and tricks, industry news, best practices, and more. Should Éncy encounter a question it cannot answer, it will diligently direct you to relevant resources for further exploration.

To further streamline your CNC engineering endeavors, SprutCAM X incorporates a variety of macros that seamlessly adapt to the context of your task, enabling optimal efficiency and precision.

Andrei Kharatsidi, a co-founder of SprutCAM Tech, emphasizes the software’s commitment to empowering customers with a seamless transition from CAD to finished parts, all within the industry’s shortest turnaround time. By leveraging SprutCAM X’s integration of ChatGPT technologies, engineers can save valuable time, enhance productivity, and unlock their creative potential.

The highly anticipated update of SprutCAM X, equipped with the AI assistant, is readily available for download from the official website. Experience the future of CNC machining today. Try SprutCAM X with the AI assistant and embark on a transformative 30-day trial period.


The integration of an AI virtual assistant, Éncy, within SprutCAM X signifies a significant advancement in the market of CAD/CAM software for CNC machining. By leveraging ChatGPT technologies, engineers now have access to a powerful tool that streamlines their workflow, enhances productivity, and facilitates seamless communication. This innovative feature not only saves time but also empowers users to optimize their machining processes, resulting in improved efficiency and higher-quality finished parts. With SprutCAM X’s commitment to providing a comprehensive solution, the market can anticipate greater adoption of AI-driven technologies, leading to a more productive and innovative landscape in the CNC machining industry.



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