AI Firm Flawless Collaborates With XYZ & Tea Shop to Enhance Foreign Language Movie Experience…

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  • AI firm Flawless collaborates with XYZ Films and Tea Shop Productions to enhance the foreign language movie experience through visual translation.
  • The partnership aims to acquire rights to foreign-language films and convert them into English using Flawless’ TrueSync technology.
  • TrueSync creates lip-synced versions of the acquired titles, providing an alternative to subtitles and out-of-sync dubs.
  • The collaboration starts with the acquisition of UFO Sweden, a sci-fi adventure film.
  • The goal is to acquire more “high-potential” titles during the Cannes Film Festival and release translated films in Q4 2023.
  • Flawless addresses concerns around AI in the film industry and ensures responsible AI practices.
  • SAG-AFTRA’s Duncan Crabtree-Ireland praises Flawless’ “more authentic translation product” and its impact on actors’ availability and reshoots.
  • Flawless’s use of real actors for voice work addresses copyright implications.
  • The partnership aligns with the rising demand for foreign-language content, exemplified by the success of All Quiet On The Western Front.
  • Co-CEOs of Flawless express excitement about leveraging technology and the partners’ track records to reach global audiences.
  • XYZ Films emphasizes its commitment to international films and talent, with TrueSync technology offering a wider global reach.
  • Flawless, recognized as one of Time’s 100 Best Inventions in 2021, offers additional innovative tools like DeepEditor and AI Reshoot.

Main AI News:

In a dynamic turn of events at the Cannes market, generative AI firm Flawless, founded by filmmaker Scott Mann (Fall), has forged a partnership with renowned US seller and distributor XYZ Films (Run Rabbit Run) and esteemed UK producer Tea Shop Productions (47 Meters Down). Together, they are set to acquire rights to foreign-language movies and seamlessly convert them into English for distribution in English-speaking territories.

The ingenious plan centers around Flawless’ groundbreaking TrueSync technology, which will revolutionize the film industry by creating lip-synced versions of the acquired titles, expertly distributed by XYZ Films. This cutting-edge approach aims to provide audiences with an appealing alternative to traditional subtitles and out-of-sync dubbing. In addition, the original versions of the films will also be made available alongside the translated editions.

The impressive capabilities of TrueSync technology were recently showcased in the breakout hit Fall, where it skillfully addressed more than 30 expletives, subsequently influencing the film’s initial rating. This innovative solution propelled the $3 million-budgeted production to a staggering six-fold increase in box office returns. To grasp the full potential of this transformative technology, the video clip below demonstrates its seamless dubbing capabilities.

The collaboration has already taken flight with the acquisition of Victor Danell’s UFO Sweden, an extraordinary sci-fi adventure film that garnered three nominations at Sweden’s prestigious 2023 Guldbagge Awards.

The consortium has set its sights on acquiring a multitude of “high-potential” titles during the Cannes Film Festival, where Flawless executives will showcase their brand’s diverse technological advancements. Their ambitious goal is to release the initial slate of translated films in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Leading the charge in acquisitions for this groundbreaking venture are James Emanuel Shapiro, Executive Vice President of US Distribution at XYZ Films; Ryan Black, Head of Acquisitions at Flawless; and James Harris from Tea Shop. Facilitating the Flawless acquisition, Peter Ahlén, Sales Manager at REinvent International Sales, representing UFO Sweden, successfully negotiated the deal.

While Flawless initially entered the scene without much controversy in 2018, it is impossible to overlook the current scrutiny surrounding AI in the film industry, heightened by concerns raised during the WGA strike. Particularly, there is unease surrounding ChatGTP-type technology that could potentially impact scripts. However, Flawless remains committed to collaborating with the industry and has taken measures to ensure responsible AI practices.

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA’s national executive director and chief negotiator, recently lauded Flawless as a “more authentic translation product” compared to traditional dubbing. He highlighted how this innovative solution maximizes actors’ availability and minimizes the need for costly reshoots.

Beyond its impact on production, Flawless’ use of real actors for voice work also addresses copyright concerns. Currently, AI-generated content does not qualify for copyright protection, further emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of original performances.

This timely partnership comes at a moment when the demand for foreign-language content has reached unprecedented heights. All Quiet On The Western Front stands as the latest non-English language movie to captivate Hollywood and the global audience.

Co-CEOs and Founders of Flawless, Scott Mann and Nick Lynes expressed their excitement about the new collaboration, stating, “There is an abundance of world-class cinema yet to be unlocked, and we are thrilled to be able to leverage our technology, as well as XYZ and Tea Shop’s sterling track records with top-quality films and filmmakers, to help these titles reach the global audiences they deserve. We look forward to demonstrating the immense potential of this model in Cannes, setting the stage for even greater growth.”

Maxime Cottray from XYZ Films also shared his enthusiasm, emphasizing their longstanding commitment to international films and visionary talent. By harnessing the groundbreaking TrueSync technology developed by Flawless, in partnership with Tea Shop, they eagerly anticipate bringing these exciting filmmakers and their captivating stories to a wider global audience.

Recognized as one of Time’s 100 Best Inventions in 2021, Flawless is not just limited to translation capabilities. Their suite of innovative tools includes DeepEditor, empowering filmmakers to seamlessly edit and transfer an actor’s performance from one shot to another. Additionally, AI Reshoot minimizes the need for reshoots by enabling filmmakers to replace onscreen filmed dialogue with alternate lines.


The collaboration between AI firm Flawless, XYZ Films, and Tea Shop Productions to enhance the foreign language movie experience through visual translation represents a significant development in the market. By leveraging Flawless’ TrueSync technology, the partnership aims to provide a more seamless and authentic translation product, catering to the growing demand for foreign-language content.

This innovative approach not only offers an alternative to traditional dubbing and subtitles but also addresses copyright concerns and maximizes actors’ availability. With the potential to unlock a wealth of world-class cinema, this collaboration sets the stage for further growth in the global film industry, creating opportunities for both filmmakers and audiences alike.



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