Preparing Your Business for Conversational AI

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Preparing Your Business for Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence is transforming the business landscape in ways we couldn’t have imagined a decade or even a year ago. With new capabilities, services are adopted at an astonishing rate — OpenAI’s ChatGPT hit a million users in just five days. But this isn’t just about ChatGPT. It’s about the dawning age where we chat with AI on a daily basis, about anything and everything. If you’re leading a business today, you need to know how to ride this wave.

ChatGPT: The Digital ‘Friend’

ChatGPT isn’t a mere gadget; it’s a ‘digital friend’ that offers insights and recommendations on just about anything. Users are finding it so helpful that they’re turning to ChatGPT instead of traditional online services. This isn’t just a trend — it’s a seismic shift, and it’s crucial for you to understand it as you plot your business’s course.

Conversational AI like ChatGPT is becoming a game-changer for businesses. The exact numbers on the impact are still coming in, but what’s clear is this: The way people are interacting with technology is changing, and businesses can tap into this shift to foster customer engagement and drive growth. Or ignore it and struggle to stay relevant. The challenge — and opportunity — for you is to ensure your business stands out in this digital arena.

Is Your Business Ready for AI?

Here’s something to think about: Is your website bot-friendly? It might sound like a small detail, but even tweaks like excluding GDPR cookie consent prompts for AI could make your site much more accessible for tools like ChatGPT.

Another possibility is to embrace APIs and offer them directly to the AI. With APIs offered through tools such as ChatGPT Plugins AI can directly access the most accurate and current info about your business. This way, you’re not just increasing visibility — you’re ensuring your customers get personalized, relevant recommendations. And, in the future, even make transactions directly in the AI platform.

Example Business Case: News publication

An online news portal could create a bot-friendly version of its website and develop a plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin could recommend articles to readers based on their current context in conversation with the AI. The recommendation could be based on topics, article popularity, or other criteria defined by the news portal.


We’re rapidly approaching the threshold where conversational AI is the norm. ChatGPT is leading the charge, but it’s just the start. Look ahead and you’ll see a future where conversational AI platforms are integral to business — not just a passing trend. By staying informed, adapting your strategies, and welcoming new technologies, you’re not just running to keep up with the AI revolution — you’re at the front of the pack. As we enter this exciting new era, the businesses that understand and adapt to these changes will be the ones that thrive. So buckle up — it’s going to be a wild ride!

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