Cogito Protocol’s CGV Utility Token Launch: Empowering the Evolution of Stablecoins

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Cogito Protocol’s CGV Utility Token Launch: Empowering the Evolution of Stablecoins

Cogito’s Community Launchpad Event has begun, with TGE announced for June 2nd — don’t miss out on your chance to participate in the CGV token for this new class of AI-powered fiat-independent stable assets.

Greetings Singularitarians,

SingularityNET is thrilled to present a detailed overview of the launch of the Cogito Utility Token (CGV). Cogito Protocol offers a “tracercoin-as-a-service” framework to create a new class of digital assets with low volatility called “tracercoins.

These digital assets are designed to offer stability without directly correlating to traditional currencies or commodities — fundamentally changing how value is defined. Instead of pegging to fiat, they “trace” non-financial indices representing human progress, such as environmental and technological advancements.

The Cogito Leadership Team will hold a livestream AMA to answer community questions, and share their vision of the future path to the global adoption of Cogito tracercoins.

Join us: May 25th, 17:00 UTC, on the SingularityNET YouTube Channel

Ask your questions to the team here

By introducing a new way of measuring value and stability, Cogito is paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable financial system for everyone.

The Cogito Protocol Launchpad event for the Cogito CGV utility token is in progress now, and we invite everyone to participate in this amazing opportunity. The CGV governance and utility token empowers the community to contribute directly to the project’s roadmap and influence various parameters of tracercoins.

Utilities of the CGV Token

The CGV utility token underpins the transparent and decentralized nature of the Cogito project and provides an opportunity for the community to directly impact and guide how these new assets are managed, measured, and released. You can find the whitepaper here.

The first tracercoin that Cogito will launch, later in 2023, is the GCOIN, a tracercoin linked to positive progress towards a more sustainable climate and net-zero economy. The community will have opportunities, for instance, to participate in decisions such as what measures are incorporated into this index and how they are weighted, as well as their minting and redemption policies. In the future, the community will be able to participate in selecting future tracercoins to launch and what indices they will be measured on via the CGV tokens. Cogito Protocol will be a force for redefining how we create and measure value in the world, and the CGV tokens are the key to community direction and definition of what we value and how we value it.

CGV token utility overview:

  • Index management: Adjusting components and weights of indices.
  • Treasury management: Regulating the allocation of assets to different portfolios.
  • Changing the minting and redemption policy for tracercoins.
  • Voting on launching new tracercoins.
  • Changing CGV’s buyback-and-burn mechanism.

CGV Token Generation Event Launchpads

The Cogito Protocol TGE will be featured on SingularityDAO, Seedify, GeniusX, and EnjinStarter. The SingularityDAO launchpad is only available to holders of AGIX and/or SDAO tokens, who will receive a community discount rate on this launchpad. In addition, AGIX and SDAO community are eligible to participate in the other launchpads as well, though there will be no discount for them on the other launchpads. Please see details from each launchpad on how to participate.

For community planning to participate via the SingularityDAO launchpad: The KYC portal is open and some may experience delays in processing when manual checking is needed, so begin your process soon. Users who completed KYC for HyperCycle will still be required to visit the KYC portal, but will no longer be required to submit any information other than e-mail and wallet address (unless some of their previous information has expired). Should you require assistance throughout the KYC or Launchpad event, please use the ‘Cogito — KYC Troubleshooting’ Telegram Channel. Admins will NEVER start a DM with you, stay safe.

Contributions during the community round on SingularityDAO will be in USDC(BEP20), based on community feedback.

Launchpads Details:

Each launchpad has its own requirements, limitations, and procedures; please do your research to understand which launchpads may be a fit for you. For a full overview of tokenomics, vesting, and release schedule, please read Cogito’s “CGV Token Launch in a Nutshell.”

Timeline Of Events, SingularityDAO Launchpad

  • 15th May: Cogito TGE Announced
  • 15th May 12:00 UTC: KYC Begins
  • 23rd May 12:00 UTC: KYC Ends
  • 24th May 12:00 UTC: Snapshots Begin (SDAO/AGIX must be staked before this date)
  • 26th May: Allocations Assigned

Round 1: DAO Participation

  • 29th May 12:00 UTC: Contributions Open
  • 29th to 31st May: USDC (BEP20) Contributions To Allocated Pool
  • 31st May 23:59 UTC: Contributions Close
  • 1st June: Unassigned Tokens Allocated to FCFS Pool

Round 2: First Come First Serve

  • 1st June 12:00 UTC: Contributions Open
  • 1st June 23:59 UTC: Contributions Close*
  • 2nd June: Snapshots End

*Contributions will close early if the allocation is filled*

  • 2nd June 13:00 UTC: Token Claim Opens

Full details on the CGV launch through the SingularityDAO launchpad can be found in the SingularityDAO Launchpad: Cogito Token Generation Event blog.

How Cogito enriches the SingularityNET ecosystem with its innovative financial tools

Cogito’s fundamental technology analyzes and interprets massive volumes of data in real-time using advanced machine learning algorithms. These AIs will, over time, be optimized to pull data on-chain for analysis, trustworthiness, and cleaned for use in assembling the index for tracercoin tracking. Cogito’s data and AI tracking tools will live on the SingularityNET platform and be highly valuable to DeFi and other verticals across crypto and beyond. In particular, they will enable advanced AI systems to produce predictions and suggestions that can be used to influence decision-making across a wide range of industries and use cases, including banking, healthcare, and transportation.

Furthermore, by adding AGIX to its treasury diversification plan and working with other ecosystem projects reciprocally for treasury diversification, Cogito will contribute to SingularityNET Ecosystem’s strength and long-term stability.

What truly distinguishes Cogito is its dedication to working alongside the SingularityNET and Cogito communities to decentralize and shift the notion of value transparently and collaboratively. By pegging value to an index that speaks to our highest aspirations, such as a healthier planet, Cogito will finally allow financial incentives to align with a beneficial future. The community will play a critical role in developing this future via the CGV utility tokens.

What next?

Don’t forget to start your KYC process — SingularityDAO KYC closes May 23rd at 12:00UTC!

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