Report: Snowflake Engages in Advanced Discussions for Acquisition of AI Search Startup Neeva

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  • Snowflake Inc. is in advanced negotiations to acquire search startup Neeva Inc.
  • Snowflake aims to develop AI-powered search capabilities using Neeva’s technology.
  • Neeva gained attention for its subscription-based search engine without advertisements.
  • Neeva incorporates generative AI to handle complex queries more effectively.
  • Neeva’s search approach provides summarized answers with citations, resembling a real-time encyclopedia.
  • Snowflake’s acquisition of Neeva aligns with its goal of integrating generative AI into its offerings.
  • Snowflake aims to become the “App Store for data apps” by simplifying data application development.
  • AI with advanced semantic layers, like Neeva’s, is driving transformative changes in the tech industry.
  • Snowflake may face competition from Databricks Inc. in acquiring Neeva.

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Snowflake Inc., a leading cloud-based data warehouse provider, is said to be in advanced negotiations for the acquisition of Neeva Inc., a promising search startup founded by Sridhar Ramaswamy, a former advertising executive at Google LLC. According to sources familiar with the matter, Snowflake aims to leverage Neeva’s cutting-edge technology to develop AI-powered search capabilities that would revolutionize information retrieval from internal documents and data for its clientele.

The potential union between Snowflake and Neeva holds great promise. Neeva, established in 2019, gained significant attention in June 2021 when it introduced a groundbreaking subscription-based search engine. This innovative search engine sought to enhance the user experience by eliminating advertisements from search results, offering a refreshing alternative to the dominant player in the market, Google. In recent times, Neeva has further expanded its search functionalities by incorporating generative AI akin to OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT, enabling it to tackle more intricate and abstract queries.

ChatGPT, renowned for its humanlike conversational abilities and content generation skills, has particularly excelled in addressing a diverse range of questions and prompts. Its proficiency in this area makes it an invaluable asset for search-related applications, where users often present abstract concepts or inquiries.

For instance, if a user were to ask, “Please provide information on nearby stores where I can purchase red bouncy balls,” traditional search engines like Google may struggle to deliver a satisfactory response. However, Neeva’s generative AI, surpassing ChatGPT’s capabilities, can seamlessly provide comprehensive answers tailored to users’ queries. Moreover, Neeva boasts superior accuracy by incorporating the most up-to-date information available on the internet, setting it apart from ChatGPT’s outdated training data limited to 2021.

Neeva’s unique approach to search emphasizes providing condensed yet insightful responses embedded with citations, mimicking the experience of consulting a real-time encyclopedia. By distilling relevant information and presenting it in a concise format, Neeva adds value to users’ search endeavors. Constantly updating its model ensures Neeva surfaces the latest information sourced from the ever-evolving web landscape. Nonetheless, in instances where a summarized answer is not feasible, Neeva can resort to a traditional list of search results, maintaining its versatility in catering to users’ needs.

The potential acquisition of Neeva by Snowflake, a cloud data warehouse giant, could prove to be a strategic fit, aligning with Snowflake’s vision of integrating generative AI into its offerings. By doing so, Snowflake aims to enhance productivity for its users by streamlining the process of information retrieval within documents, ultimately saving valuable time. This move is crucial for Snowflake, as it currently faces competition from industry rivals like Google Cloud and Microsoft Corp., both of which already offer AI-powered search capabilities.

Industry analyst Dave Vellante, who hosts SiliconANGLE Media’s video studio theCUBE, believes that Snowflake aspires to become the go-to “App Store for data apps.” With Neeva’s impressive language model capabilities and vector database, Snowflake would gain the ability to facilitate simplified data application development. By embedding logic within the data itself, Snowflake could enable its users and partners to swiftly build applications within the Snowflake Data Cloud, establishing itself as the premier platform for data app development. This approach empowers data app developers to create apps more efficiently and quickly, harnessing the scalability and innovation offered by hyperscale clouds.

According to John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE, the advent of AI with advanced semantic layers, exemplified by Neeva’s innovations, has triggered a transformative wave across the technology industry. By prioritizing data integration and embedding application logic, businesses can leverage automated systems capable of making decisions without human intervention. This paradigm shift revolutionizes business operations, enabling companies to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

However, Snowflake may face competition in its pursuit of acquiring Neeva. The Information reported that Neeva has also initiated discussions with Snowflake’s competitor, Databricks Inc., regarding a potential acquisition. As the battle for Neeva’s acquisition unfolds, it remains to be seen which cloud data warehouse provider will emerge victorious and secure the synergistic benefits that Neeva’s advanced technology has to offer.


The potential acquisition of Neeva by Snowflake signifies a significant development in the market of cloud-based data warehousing and AI-powered search. By integrating Neeva’s advanced technology and generative AI capabilities, Snowflake aims to offer enhanced search functionalities and improved productivity for its users. This move aligns with Snowflake’s vision of becoming a comprehensive platform for data app development.

Furthermore, the emergence of AI-driven search solutions, such as Neeva’s, underscores the increasing importance of intelligent information retrieval in the business landscape. This transformative trend highlights the potential for streamlined decision-making processes and unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness. As competition intensifies in the market, the outcome of the battle for Neeva’s acquisition between Snowflake and its competitors will shape the future dynamics and offerings within the cloud data warehousing industry.



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