One of My First Start Engine Investments Gets Listed on the Stock Exchange

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One of My First Start Engine Investments Gets Listed on the Stock Exchange

Investing in a Start-up as the Shark do from your own phone or computer.

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If you have watched Shark Tank, you get mesmerized by the entrepreneurs who get on the show and talk about their products hoping Kevin, Mark, Lori, Daymond, or Barbara like their deal. That’s the same feeling I have, except I’m sitting in one of the seats by the Sharks when I invest in Start Engine.

The crowdfunding site offers average investors the opportunity to put their money into a start-up entrepreneur and their product. Last year, I started investing in a few companies. Some were eco-friendly trash companies, a fire-fighting drone company, and a tire recycling company.

Well, one of my other investments hits the stock exchange tomorrow.

The company is called Monogram Orthopedics.

Monogram Orthopedics is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) robotics company that helps surgeons perform operations with A.I. In one example, the demonstrator was in New York City and performed operations using Monogram equipment in Austin, Texas which is thousands of miles away.

This company may not have the name of A.I. tools of Bard or ChatGPT, but this one allows you to invest in a field where growth continues to happen in the medical industry.

On May 18, Monogram Orthopedics will get listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol MGRM.

I’m not sure what the opening price will be, but I expect it should be close to doubling my initial investment. Initially, I invested $7.52 per share.

So, we’ll see how it goes.

If you are interested to invest in Start Engine, simply click here.


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