I Built A Second Brain And Automated It with AI. Here’s How

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I Built A Second Brain And Automated It with AI. Here’s How

AI tools I use to store and process information quickly.

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In a previous article I shared with you different ways I stay up to date with the latest in AI, but how can anyone store and process so much information on a daily basis?

Simple, using AI tools that automatically organize all the online content we come across on the internet and help you consume it in a few minutes.

In this article, I’ll share with you 3 AI tools that helped me build a “second brain” and make me more productive.

1. My Mind: The extension of your mind

My mind is a private place for everything you care about. It’s a place where you can save all the tweets, articles, images, videos, and more content you come across on the internet.

This is a perfect tool for those who want to keep all their information in one place, but don’t want to bother organizing stuff in folders or labels themselves.

Thanks to AI, you only need to save the content with your browser extension and My Mind will automatically tag your images, articles, and websites so you can easily find them later.

To save anything you see on a website, you simply need to select it, right-click on it, and click on “Add to my mind.”


Once you add text, tweets, images, videos, and more to My Mind, your homepage would look like this.

Source: My Mind

The best part is that My Mind has associative searching, which allows us to search content in our minds with a keyword, phrase, color, date, or anything else.

Last but not least, in case you’re concerned about privacy, My Mind goes the extra mile to protect the privacy and integrity of your data and there’s no tracking or ads on the app.

Try My Mind clicking here (Chrome extension here)


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