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ChatGPT Takes Flight: OpenAI Launches Revolutionary AI App for iOS

A new chapter in AI accessibility: ChatGPT now at your fingertips on your iPhone and iPad

OpenAI makes a big splash with the ChatGPT app launch for iOS

On May 18, 2023, OpenAI made a ground-breaking announcement: the launch of the official ChatGPT app, now available for both iPhone and iPad users.

This revolutionary move transforms the way we interact with AI, bringing the power of OpenAI’s state-of-the-art research right to your pocket.

The ChatGPT app: Free, versatile, and designed for you

The ChatGPT app is free to use, ensuring everyone can benefit from the power of AI. The app syncs your history across devices, enabling a seamless transition from your desktop to your mobile device. It also integrates Whisper, OpenAI’s open-source speech-recognition system, which enables voice input. Subscribers of ChatGPT Plus enjoy exclusive access to GPT-4’s capabilities, early access to features, and faster response times, all on the iOS platform.

The app offers a broad range of uses, from providing instant answers to giving tailored advice, from generating creative inspiration to offering professional input, and even providing learning opportunities. Whatever your needs, the ChatGPT app has got you covered.

Rollout begins in the US with plans for global expansion

The rollout of the ChatGPT app begins in the U.S., with plans to expand to additional countries in the coming weeks. OpenAI is dedicated to collecting user feedback for continuous feature and safety improvements, making sure the app is as effective and safe as possible for everyone.

The cost of imitation: A study reveals the price of misleading apps

A study by Sophos investigated five misleading apps all claiming to be based on the ChatGPT algorithm. These apps, which have been found on Google Play and the App Store, charge users anywhere from $10 a month to $70 a year. One such app, the iOS version of “Chat GBT,” charges $6 a week — or $312 a year — after a three-day free trial. It is estimated that this app alone earned the developers $10,000 in March. Another app called “Genie” entices users to sign up for a $7 weekly or $70 annual subscription, raking in $1 million over the past month alone.

Expanding accessibility: Android, you’re next!

OpenAI is committed to expanding access to their tools. Android users, rejoice! ChatGPT will be coming to your devices soon, as OpenAI takes another step towards transforming state-of-the-art research into useful tools that empower people. This is just the beginning of an exciting new era of AI accessibility.


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