System Pro: The Revolutionary AI-Powered Search Engine for Researchers and Professionals

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  • System Inc. introduces System Pro, an AI-powered search engine for researchers and professionals.
  • System Pro prioritizes explainability and trustworthiness in finding, synthesizing, and contextualizing scientific literature.
  • It addresses the limitations of traditional search engines and other AI search engines by offering enhanced user-friendliness, transparency, reliability, and explainability.
  • System Pro utilizes a combination of LLMs, structured data, and a patented graph architecture to visualize statistical relationships between topics and break down disciplinary silos.
  • It is built on top of System, an open graph that organizes information based on statistical relationships rather than semantic ones.
  • System Pro synthesizes statistical results from millions of peer-reviewed studies on PubMed, transparently citing all sources used and providing an average of 36 citations per synthesis.
  • Users gain an overview of relevant research, identify areas of agreement and disagreement, and access original peer-reviewed studies through transparent citations.
  • System Pro helps users understand key contextual insights and uncover new connections and insights within their research.
  • A free 10-day trial of System Pro is available, followed by subscription options of $199 per year or $20 per month.

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System Inc., a leading Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to organizing the world’s knowledge, proudly introduces System Pro, an innovative AI-powered search engine that prioritizes explainability and trustworthiness. With a focus on assisting researchers and professionals in the health and life sciences, System Pro aims to streamline the process of finding, synthesizing, and contextualizing scientific literature.

According to Adam Bly, the esteemed founder and CEO of System, existing search engines fail to keep professionals abreast of the vast depth and breadth of research. While classic search engines inundate users with extensive lists of thousands of studies, other AI search engines lack proper citations and are susceptible to misleading results.

These limitations not only reinforce disciplinary silos but also compromise the quality and reliability of decision-making processes. System Pro, on the other hand, introduces a fresh approach to search, offering enhanced user-friendliness compared to traditional search engines, unparalleled transparency, reliability, and explainability in comparison to other AI search engines, and a focus on discovery rather than mere search functionality.

System Pro distinguishes itself by placing rigor, reliability, and trustworthiness at the heart of its architecture. By combining Language Model Machines (LLMs) with unique structured data and a patented graph architecture, it provides users with an extraordinary visualization layer that illustrates statistical relationships between topics. This breakthrough feature not only breaks down disciplinary silos but also supports systems-based research and solutions.

At the core of System Pro lies System itself, an open graph that organizes information primarily based on statistical relationships rather than semantic ones. When a user initiates a search, System Pro employs advanced AI techniques to synthesize statistical results from millions of peer-reviewed studies sourced from PubMed.

It transparently cites all the sources used in its synthesis, and remarkably, it recommends and visually represents topics that exhibit statistical relevance to the search. Setting a new industry standard, System Pro meticulously integrates citations directly into the written syntheses, providing an unmatched average of 36 citations per synthesis. This unique approach substantiates every claim made by System Pro, showcasing the transparently cited sources and the methodology behind each assertion.

Experience the Power of Synthesized Research

Upon conducting a search, users will gain access to an accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date overview of the pertinent research. Starting from statistical results, this synthesis enables professionals to promptly identify areas of consensus and divergence. Drawing upon System’s vast graph, which encompasses statistical findings from all 35 million studies indexed on PubMed, as well as an additional 120 million studies on OpenAlex, System Pro delivers an unparalleled synthesis of research.

Effortlessly Find Original Studies

System Pro empowers users by providing transparent citations to the original peer-reviewed studies used to generate the synthesis. Users can delve deeper into these sources to explore results that are directly relevant to their work. With this level of accessibility, System Pro ensures that professionals can seamlessly navigate through the vast landscape of scientific literature.

Uncover Key Contextual Insights

With System Pro, users can uncover topics that exist within the broader System in which their search resides. This feature facilitates the contextualization of searches and unveils new connections and insights. By understanding the key context surrounding their research, professionals can elevate their understanding and discover novel pathways for exploration.

Discover the Power of System Pro Today

To showcase the immense potential of System Pro, a free 10-day trial is available starting today. After experiencing its unparalleled benefits, users can opt for a one-year subscription at the special launch price of $199 per user or choose a monthly subscription at $20 per month. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your research process with System Pro, the game-changing AI-powered search engine designed for professionals by professionals.


the introduction of System Pro, the AI-powered search engine by System Inc., signifies a significant advancement for the market. This innovative solution addresses the shortcomings of traditional search engines and other AI search engines by offering enhanced transparency, reliability, and explainability. By prioritizing trustworthiness and providing a comprehensive synthesis of statistical results from millions of peer-reviewed studies, System Pro empowers researchers and professionals in the health and life sciences field to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

The visualization of statistical relationships and the ability to break down disciplinary silos further enhance the value proposition of System Pro. With its user-friendly interface and access to original studies, the market can expect improved efficiency, contextual insights, and the discovery of new connections and insights. This development sets a new standard in the industry, elevating the quality and reliability of research and decision-making processes.



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