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  • Tecton is hosting apply(risk), the first Conference in the apply() series.
  • The Conference focuses on sharing best practices, reference architectures, and tools for building ML-powered risk and fraud detection systems.
  • The event is virtual and free, taking place on May 30.
  • Speakers from various organizations, including Affirm, Arize, Block, Predibase, Remitly, Rockset, Tecton, and Tide, will be present.
  • The apply() series aims to address practical data engineering challenges in operational ML systems.
  • Over 100 speakers from renowned organizations have participated in the series.
  • Mike Del Balso, the co-founder and CEO of Tecton, expresses excitement about hosting apply(risk) and the positive response from previous events.

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Tecton, the renowned leader in the realm of machine learning (ML) feature platforms, made a significant announcement today. The company is set to host apply(risk), the inaugural Conference in its apply() series of events. This exclusive gathering will bring together industry practitioners who will generously share their invaluable insights, best practices, reference architectures, and preferred tools for constructing ML-powered risk and fraud detection systems. Mark your calendars for May 30, as this free virtual event promises to be a remarkable experience, featuring a distinguished lineup of speakers from influential organizations such as Affirm, Arize, Block, Predibase, Remitly, Rockset, Tecton, and Tide.

Reflecting on the motivations behind the apply() event series, Mike Del Balso, the co-founder and CEO of Tecton, highlighted the company’s commitment to meeting the surging demand for practical knowledge among MLOps teams actively engaged in deploying ML solutions in real-world scenarios. Del Balso expressed his enthusiasm for hosting apply(risk) and acknowledged the overwhelming response received from tens of thousands of registered attendees across previous event series. The upcoming Conference is poised to deliver yet another exceptional opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

apply() stands as a prominent platform designed explicitly for ML and data teams to engage in meaningful discussions surrounding the practical challenges encountered during the development of operational ML systems. Over the course of the series, distinguished speakers from over a hundred leading organizations, including a16z, Adyen, Anyscale, Atlassian, ByteDance, CashApp, Confluent, Databricks, DBT Labs, Deloitte, DoorDash, Drizly, Etsy, Facebook, Faire, Feast, Gojek, Google, Hugging Face, Instacart, Intuit, Lemonade, LinkedIn, McKinsey, Mercado Libre, Microsoft, MLOps Community, Monte Carlo, Netflix, Pinterest, Redis Labs, Robinhood, Shopify, Slack, Snap, Snowflake, Snorkel AI, Spotify, Stanford University, StitchFix, Stripe, Tide, Twitter, Uber, UC Berkeley – RISELab, Volvo Cars, Walmart, and the Wikimedia Foundation, have graced the series with their expertise and insights.


The hosting of apply(risk) by Tecton and the success of the apply() event series signifies a significant development for the market. The emphasis on sharing best practices, reference architectures, and tools for ML-powered risk and fraud detection systems demonstrates the growing demand for practical knowledge in deploying ML in production.

The participation of influential organizations and the extensive lineup of speakers highlight the industry’s recognition of the importance of operational ML systems and the need to address data engineering challenges. This gathering serves as a testament to the market’s eagerness to leverage advanced technologies and collaborate on innovative solutions, ultimately driving the evolution of risk and fraud detection systems in the business landscape.



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