CHARM Therapeutics Secures Investment from NVIDIA to Advance Deep Learning-Enabled Drug Discovery…

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  • CHARM Therapeutics secures significant investment from NVentures, NVIDIA’s venture investment arm.
  • The investment supports CHARM’s research and development efforts in developing innovative oncology medicines.
  • CHARM utilizes deep learning and advanced computing to discover novel small-molecule therapeutics for challenging cancers.
  • The company’s unique approach involves using machine learning algorithms to identify promising molecules through protein-ligand co-folding.
  • The investment enables CHARM to continue funding its growing organization and leverage NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform.
  • NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPUs facilitate the rapid identification of potential new compounds using CHARM’s DragonFold platform.
  • The collaboration aims to accelerate the development of small molecule therapies for patients.
  • Both CHARM and NVIDIA share a vision for the future of drug discovery through AI and machine learning.
  • The investment demonstrates the transformative potential of accelerated computing in revolutionizing medicine.

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CHARM Therapeutics (“CHARM”), a pioneering 3D deep-learning biotechnology company focused on revolutionary pharmaceuticals, has announced a strategic investment from NVentures, the prestigious venture investment arm of NVIDIA. This momentous partnership represents a significant milestone for CHARM, propelling the company’s research and development endeavors in the realm of groundbreaking oncology medicines.

At the forefront of deep learning-enabled drug discovery research, CHARM leverages advanced computing and machine learning to revolutionize the development of novel small molecule therapeutics for historically challenging cancers. Their ingenious approach revolves around harnessing the immense power of machine learning algorithms to pinpoint exceptional molecules through protein-ligand co-folding, effectively expediting the process of introducing innovative treatments.

This investment provides CHARM with the vital resources to fuel the continued expansion of its organization while leveraging the formidable capabilities of NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform. NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPUs present one avenue through which CHARM can swiftly identify potential new compounds, thanks to their integration with the proprietary DragonFold platform. This synergy empowers the company to expedite the delivery of potential therapies to patients.

Laksh Aithani, CEO and co-founder of CHARM expressed great excitement about the collaboration with NVIDIA, highlighting the shared vision for the future of drug discovery. Aithani remarked, “With this investment and our ongoing utilization of NVIDIA’s advanced computing technology, we are confident that we can accelerate the development of our small molecule therapies, ultimately ensuring faster and more efficient access for patients than ever before.”

Mohamed “Sid” Siddeek, the head of NVentures at NVIDIA, emphasized the significance of investing in CHARM. He stated that it enables further support for the application of AI and machine learning in drug discovery, underlining the transformative potential of accelerated computing in modern medicine.

This strategic investment from NVentures heralds a promising future for CHARM, firmly establishing them as trailblazers in the realm of deep-learning biotechnology and reinforcing their commitment to delivering groundbreaking medicines to patients in need. With NVIDIA as a key ally, CHARM is poised to redefine the landscape of drug discovery and shape the future of healthcare.


CHARM Therapeutics’ investment from NVentures, NVIDIA’s venture investment arm, signifies a significant development in the market. This partnership showcases the increasing role of deep learning and advanced computing in revolutionizing drug discovery and development. By leveraging NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform and CHARM’s expertise in machine learning algorithms, the collaboration aims to expedite the delivery of innovative oncology medicines to patients.

This advancement underscores the growing importance of AI-driven approaches in the pharmaceutical industry and sets a precedent for the future of drug discovery. It is expected to inspire other market players to explore similar partnerships and embrace the transformative potential of advanced technologies in bringing novel therapies to market faster and more efficiently.



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