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The Evolution Phase

Here let’s crystal-gaze for some time. Sure enough, what I dared to title as the CambrAIan exploison may indeed have an interesting similarity to the organic version, but what after that? What do you think will be happening down this road, that the archeological AI will find as it data-mines deeper?

Some AI tools (and I will just call them tools, until a certain point in time) will flourish, some will wither away in the competition for resources, some will co-evolve as parts of a larger total, some will probably become parasitic, depending on the life of one for its own. The necessity and convenience of these tools will be their competitive advantage, which will then be dictating the flow of evolution, or to be specific, economics. Again, the various progenitor species growing over time, gaining evolutionary advantages and finding their very unique place in the chain of life.

And just along the lines of species developing capabilities like bioluminescence, mobility, sight, these tools will also gain further functionalities and adapt to their new forms. What I am curious about, and many positively dread, is the evolution of the primitive brain, the so-called Artificial General Intelligence.


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