Agile vs. UX, the price of privacy, cascading Figma components

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Agile vs. UX, the price of privacy, cascading Figma components

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“The value of design is the value of creativity, of problem-solving through nimble thinking, and of outside perspective. If production is the ice, then design is the water — made of the same stuff, but inchoate, able to flow into hidden spaces. It is trust in a process that will allow you to go down dead-ends and come back up to find the proper solution three months from now.

If your role as an enterprise designer at a huge enterprise organization is to somehow get your hands around 10,000 slightly-off patterns, systemized templates start to seem awfully appealing. But is that…design? I’m not too sure.

I used to be in design, but now I’m product.”

Small jobs, small dreams
By Joe Alterio


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