StoryFit and Sonoro Unite to Revolutionize Podcast Adaptations with AI-Driven Insights

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  • StoryFit and Sonoro have formed a partnership to accelerate the development of podcast content for film, TV and streaming.
  • StoryFit’s story intelligence will provide deep insights into narratives during the pitching process.
  • Sonoro has built the number-one podcast network in Latin America, amplifying diverse voices.
  • The partnership aims to identify the most viable podcasts and characters for TV and film adaptation.
  • StoryFit uses AI technology to deliver audience and content insights pre-production.
  • Studios and streamers can use StoryFit insights to produce better content faster.
  • Sonoro’s growing creative podcast community will benefit from the partnership.
  • AI technology can support creativity and champion originality.
  • The partnership expands transmedia capabilities into scripted content.
  • The collaboration aims to identify suitable podcasts for adaptation across visual mediums.

Main AI News:

StoryFit, a rapidly growing AI technology company specializing in machine learning and audience insights for the entertainment industry, has joined forces with Sonoro, a groundbreaking global entertainment company. This groundbreaking partnership aims to expedite the development of podcast content for film, television, and streaming platforms, leveraging the power of AI-driven predictive audience insights.

By harnessing StoryFit’s story intelligence, Sonoro will gain deep insights into their narratives during the pitching process, enabling them to bring their unparalleled audio perspective to life on the big and small screens. With an extensive global audience and a leading podcast network in Latin America, Sonoro has been instrumental in amplifying diverse and often underrepresented voices.

Sergio González, Head of Growth at Sonoro, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting the competitive advantage it will provide. “By leveraging StoryFit’s incredibly powerful predictive audience insights, our creative community, along with Sonoro and its partners, will be able to identify the most viable podcasts and characters for TV and film adaptation. This partnership between two trailblazing companies in their respective industries holds immense promise, and I am eager to witness the remarkable achievements that lie ahead.”

Building on its recent Series A investment, StoryFit remains at the forefront of pioneering natural language processing and machine learning technologies. Its objective is to deliver audience and content insights during the pre-production stage, empowering entertainment companies to harness the full potential of their stories. Studios and streaming platforms rely on StoryFit’s insights to create superior content at a faster pace, identify story elements that resonate with audiences, and provide valuable data to creative professionals.

Monica Landers, CEO and founder of StoryFit expressed her excitement about Sonoro’s expanding creative podcast community and their ability to leverage the best tools available. “AI technology can champion originality and support creativity,” Landers emphasized. “Sonoro embodies this spirit within the podcast community, consistently elevating diverse and creative voices. We are thrilled to embark on this exciting expansion together.”

StoryFit’s proprietary AI engine has already facilitated the development of multi-million dollar projects for entertainment and publishing organizations. Through this partnership, StoryFit and Sonoro aim to expand their transmedia capabilities beyond TV and film into scripted content. They seek to identify which podcasts are best suited for adaptation across various visual mediums, providing creators with a distinct advantage in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.


The partnership between StoryFit and Sonoro signifies a significant development in the market, particularly within the entertainment industry. The integration of AI-powered predictive audience insights with podcast content creation for film, TV, and streaming platforms holds immense potential. This collaboration enables entertainment companies to make data-driven decisions during the pitching process, identifying the most promising podcasts and characters for adaptation.

By leveraging AI technology, studios, and streamers can produce high-quality content more efficiently, meeting the demands of an increasingly discerning audience. This partnership sets a new standard for leveraging AI in the entertainment industry and paves the way for innovative approaches to storytelling and audience engagement.



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