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Welcome to your official daily AI learning resource and news for AI students, researchers, professionals, or even enthusiasts! I share a resource that will teach you something in a few minutes daily, along with exciting news that is worth your time. Keep working on your AI skills, learning new things, and staying up-to-date in a few minutes daily!

This is a list full of learning resources divided into “80/20” sections with a few high-priority readings, for maximum value with minimal time investment, and “deep dive” sections for further exploration. This perfectly fits our “5-minute” daily reads focusing on efficiency and doing 80% of the work in 20% of the time!

This second version offers the same service with better results and more features! It uses new diffusion models in order to generate base images of 512×512 pixels and 768×768 pixels, which you can upscale using their super-resolution upscaler to 2048×2048 or even higher! They also updated their inpainting model and introduced a depth-to-image model that generates new images using both the text and depth information.

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