2022–11–22 | Your Daily Five Minutes of AI


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Welcome to your official daily AI learning resource and news for AI students, researchers, professionals, or even enthusiasts!

Yes, this is different! After the poll results – you guys decided it was much more interesting (by far it seems) to have learning resources shared daily instead of papers! For those of you who still want papers on a daily basis, I strongly recommend following AK on Twitter.

From now on, I will share a resource that will teach you something in a few minutes daily, along with exciting news that is worth your time. Keep working on your AI skills, learning new things, and staying up-to-date in a few minutes daily! I understand if this change does not interest you but I recommend giving a shot at this new format. I’m sure you’ll learn some cool stuff while committing very little time. I’d love to read your feedback about this change. Here we go for this “first iteration”!

For this first week, I want to share a short article about some of the work I did during my Master’s degree at École de technologie supérieure. We share an analogy with light and colors to better explain deep neural networks 🙂

More to come in a conference near you soon! Let me know what you think!

Google just announced a lot of cool new features for Google Search, Google Lens, Shopping, and Maps, pretty much all their apps. The most exciting ones are the modifications to Google Search for finding food and the improvement on the translation for Google Lens. It was honestly quite bad for Hebrew to English! You can even see shoes you want to buy with AR using Google Shopping. This is getting really cool. I’m excited to try those out! Read more about the changes here.

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