Animate your AI-Generated images in 2 min

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Animate your AI-Generated images in 2 min

Mecha + animation are AI-Generated

Hey fellow designers! 👋

Artificial intelligence is now here, I’ll not blabla around it, you know that’s a game changer 🙂

Here’s a quick tutorial to generate your own animation from any of your AI-generated images.

Step 1

Generate an image of a character you want to animate, cool thing: the sky is the limit 😀 I used Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini) since it’s free & accurate to deliver requested results to generate this one and I typed “Mecha character, white background” in the prompt.

Step 2

Import your fresh image into Metademolab, correct the image shape with the brush tool, rig your character, select an animation, and voilà!


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