SingularityNET and Smart Places Partner to Focus on Social Interaction

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SingularityNET and Smart Places Partner to Focus on Social Interaction

SingularityNET and Smart Places have partnered to bring the power of decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next generation of social media.

We’re proud to announce that SingularityNET and Smart Places have partnered to bring the power of decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next generation of social media based on real-world location based interactions.

Smart Places and SingularityNET will collaborate on AI content moderation for social media content published on Smart Places and both parties will look at opportunities for using AI in order to bring geolocation-based social media to a new level. Furthermore SingularityNET and Smart Places plan to elaborate the opportunities for data monetization of data resulting from social activities of the Smart Places ecosystem.

For these purposes, both Smart Places and SingularityNet have the common understanding that all data provided by users is based on their consent and its use cases are completely transparent. Users of Smart Places and also society in general shall benefit from the data being made available to the system of distributed creativity and governance of SingularityNET.

“We’re proud to be partnering with SingularityNET and excited to implement the best AI-solutions out there. For Smart Places, it is important to work with projects that have a focus on decentralization. SingularityNET has a strong focus on decentralization and transparency; this is really important for me personally as a lawyer in the data privacy field.” — Björn Heinze, COO & Co-founder, Smart Places remarked on this partnership announcement.

SingularityNET is known for its groundbreaking decentralized AI platform, its AGI R&D, and its applied AI technology used across multiple verticals including humanoid robotics. At its core, SingularityNET is a fully-fledged AI ecosystem with a rich community all working toward the global distribution of AI.

Smart Places is on a mission to provide users with a new way of social interaction based on blockchain technology. Smart Places aims for people to interact and connect in real-world situations.

“SingularityNET is building a diversity of bridges to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that will be the infrastructure of the decentralized democratically distributed systems of abundance controlled by no one and enjoyed by everyone. It’s a task that comes with great responsibility and we’re happy to have the opportunity of working with such a competent team.” — Hung Luu, CEO & Co-founder, Smart Places commented on the opportunities presented by this partnership.

Despite the plethora of social networks already at hand, in a world in which in-person social interactions are trending to be more scarce, with the Smart Places “1-click-wingman” mobile in-app feature, people can seize everyday’s life opportunities and immediately connect with others.

“We’re conscientious about the obvious needs for a careful and meticulous approach to social media and its needs for decentralization in anonymous data processing for everyone’s benefit. Our partnership with Smart Places aims to leverage real world geolocation-based interactions for people all around the world in a way that is not controlled by anyone but benefits everyone.” — Janet Adams, COO, SingularityNET, added as a remark on the opportunities and responsibilities presented by this partnership agreement.

Having benevolent, decentralized and beneficial relationships at their core, SingularityNET and Smart Places aim to power the next generation of social ecosystems that reward users for connecting and interacting.

About SingularityNET

SingularityNET is a fully-fledged AI ecosystem with a rich community all working toward the global distribution of AI.

It is the first and only decentralized platform allowing AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale, while enabling everyone to take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents. No longer must AI technology exist in silos, only capable of operating within a specific company, infrastructure, or industry.

Led by Dr. Ben Goertzel, the team includes experienced engineers, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and marketers. Their core platform and AI teams are further complemented by specialized teams devoted to application areas such as robotics and biomedical AI.


About Smart Places

Smart Places is a free speech oriented social ecosystem that rewards users for connecting and interacting. Smart Places aims to change the current data monetization model for social media by introducing “Connect2Earn”. On traditional social media platforms, the data monetization model is simple. You get a free service, while the platform monetizes your data as they want.

With Smart Places’ “Connect2Earn” model, you are rewarded by simply connecting and interacting. If you decide to share your activities data (no personal data), you will get additional rewards from the ecosystem.



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