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AI as a Spark Plug for Mobile Apps

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. From providing thousands of sources of entertainment to connecting people all around the globe, smartphones are doing best to give users a personalized experience. But what drives them? What makes them so useful? Of course, the answer is applications installed in them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the other hand, is bringing a revolution in the tech industry. Is there a possibility AI can accelerate mobile app technology as well? Well, dive into this article to know how this can be achieved?

After all, this time, What is AI?

The intelligence which is artificial, right? Probably laughing, I know. So Artificial Intelligence is defined as that technology which is empowering machines (robots) to perform tasks at a better pace as compared to humans and to take decisions based on data collected for performance optimization.

Heard about Siri and Amazon Alexa? Perfect examples one can ask for.

Another core aspect of AI is Machine Learning (ML). Mobile App Technology deals with ML as well to incorporate results obtained from classification and regression analysis.

What AI is capable of?

As per a study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute in the year 2016, AI brought an investment of approximately $39 billion which was three times the amount invested three years before that.

A glimpse of AI’s competency:


Learning: AI can learn based on factual patterns, new inputs and feedback loops.


Reasoning: Deductive and inductive reasoning is a part of AI. It can draw conclusions based on situations.


Big Data Analytics: AI possess the ability to process and analyze chunks of information, whether it be structured or unstructured.


Problem-Solving: AI is capable of solving complex problems in every domain.

Artificial Intelligence fuelling Mobile Applications

Whatever be the platform, either ios or Android, AI serves as a paramount fuel for mobile app technology. Check out the following benefits of employing AI for mobile app developers:

Facial recognition

Facial Recognition is a technology-based capability that verifies an individual’s identity using a camera and stored data in the system. From Google to Samsung, every other tech giant is using AI to provide face-unlock features in their smartphones to ensure maximum security.

Mobile App Authentication

There are always two sides to a coin. With an exponential increase in advancements in Mobile App Technology, several cases of cyber theft have also been observed. AI can power more sophisticated cyber defence systems. For a hack-proof system, AI and ML algorithms can add a level of biometric authentication too.

Mobile App Technology

Real-time Predictions

It would be great if our apps can also predict our next moves and recommend us to follow a specified path. Product Recommendation System is a tool that can be integrated into mobile apps using AI techniques. AI-powered mobile apps can formulate your work emails, predict your daily office route and much more.

An amalgamation of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Just consider what could be achieved if these two big names join. IoT enabled sensors can collect a large amount of varied data from the user. AI can then leverage this data to deliver an enhanced personalized experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Visual Search is an emerging trend in the internet world. You have probably seen the impact created by Google Lens on the visual search technology. AI can help to develop Image and Voice Recognition Systems in mobile apps to boost search engines.

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Mobile Apps

  1. Cortana

  2. Hound

  3. Recent News

  4. Elsa

  5. Stifr Magic Cleaner

  6. Google Allo

  7. Robin

Final Thoughts

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into mobile app technology will provide unparalleled benefits to developers. AI is a guarantee of a promising future that demands efforts in the right direction. AI presents an enormous amount of possibilities in the field of design innovation for mobile apps.

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