Finding Your Pokemon’s Perfect Prom Outfit Using DALL-E

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Finding Your Pokemon’s Perfect Prom Outfit Using DALL-E

Look at these stunning fashion icons!

The trendiest fashion styles are just in! It’s every Trainer’s dream to see their young Pokemon dress up for prom night! And now with the latest DALL-E deep learning model, you don’t even need to go through the trouble of finding that perfect prom outfit — all you need to do is buy buy buy!

Minccino tries on some beautiful purple dresses.

Quick guide to DALL-E. DALL-E is a machine learning model developed by OpenAI that can generate images from verbal prompts. It’s a powerful tool that can use prompts to achieve amazing feats when generating images. In other words, you just input some text (and optionally a starting image) and DALL-E will output generated images for your prompt.

By correctly prompting DALL-E, you can have the model generate images with a variety of styles (e.g., hand drawn) and details (what is the subject doing, what the subject be, etc.). For example, here are some images generated by DALL-E after I prompted it to generate a “hand drawn sketch of Pikachu sleeping”:

Images of a “hand drawn sketch of Pikachu sleeping” generated by DALL-E.

DALL-E is the perfect tool for us to find prom outfits for our Pokemon – all we have to do is prompt it on a type of outfit, provide a picture of what our Pokemon normally looks like, and DALL-E will do the rest!

Using DALL-E to find the perfect outfit. There’s two things we need to provide in order to have DALL-E do this: a description of the general outfit we’re looking for and a picture of our Pokemon. The steps that we need to do are as follows:

  1. Acquire a picture of the Pokemon
  2. Use the DALL-E API to erase parts of the Pokemon’s body
  3. Provide a prompt that describes the outfit style
  4. Press the Enter button and see the results!
Exquisite tuxedos and dresses for Victini!

Let’s run through an example. I think Victini is a cute Pokemon and I’d love to find a great prom outfit for it!

  • First, I’ll find a picture of Victini to use. Any picture will work as long as it has a background that isn’t transparent. Some pictures will work better than others — pictures where the Pokemon is facing the viewer are preferable, and Pokemon that are shaped like humans will also work better for human clothing such as prom outfits.
  • Then, I upload the picture to the DALL-E API and erase its torso section and its legs, which are the parts that would need to be modified if Victini were to be wearing clothes. This is important because DALL-E will only attempt to fill in any erased areas, so if you don’t erase anything, nothing will happen. Analogously, erasing additional parts may produce unexpected results. Here’s my original picture of Victini and its edited version after erasing its torso and legs:
Erase the torso and legs from the original image to select the areas where DALL-E should generate new data.
  • Finally, I need to prompt DALL-E with the general outfit style. So if I thought Victini would look good in a blue ball gown, I would say “blue ball gown.” And if I thought Victini would look good in a tuxedo, I could say “tuxedo with black tie.” Here are the results of these two prompts on Victini:
Images generated by DALL-E for two example input prompts.

And that’s it! DALL-E is a great tool that allows you, the Trainer, to focus on what’s really important — making sure your Pokemon looks perfect at prom without needing to take them out and try on outfits in person. Here are some more fabulous outfits on fan-favorite Pokemon!

A variety of prom outfits but Chimchar makes all of them look absolutely gorgeous!
Oshawott, Minccino, and Chimchar look elegant in these modern tuxedos!
Some great red-carpet looks from Oshawott, Snorlax, and Pikachu!
Beautiful dresses in dazzling colors — worn by Squirtle, Dragonite, Mew, and Teddiursa!


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