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Issue #165

D4S Sunday Briefing #165

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Jul 24, 2022

​Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 165th edition of the Sunday Briefing. This week we’re proud to announce the latest post on the V4Sci series: Rotating Global Heatmap. You can also catch up on our recent posts. Over at Medium, we have “Exploring the Dow-Jones Industrial Average using Linear Regression” while the latest post in the G4Sci series is Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm: Finding the shortest path to every node.

This week we have the latest edition of the Time Series for Everyone webinar coming up on Tuesday July 26. There’s only few spots left, so go ahead and register now so you don’t miss out!

On our regularly scheduled content we dive deep into Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2022, Pretty Maps in Python, explore Why Writing Your Own Search Engine is Hard and How to test ML models in the real world.

While on the more academic front we explore the dual use of artificial-intelligence-powered drug discovery, the community structure of collaboration networks in computer science and its impact on scientific production and consumption and a new tropical approximation to finish time of activity networks.

This weeks ‘Data Science Book’ highlight is Data Science Book is “Analytical Skills for AI & Data Science” by D. Vaughan. As always you can find all the previous book recommendations on our website. In the video of the week we have a talk on the Graph Colouring Problem — Backtracking.

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Semper discentes,

The D4S Team

​The latest post on the Visualization for Data Science substack: Rotating Global Heatmap is now out. Don’t forget to Subscribe so you’re first in line to receive every post.

The latest post on the Graphs for Data Science substack: Prim’s Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm: Finding the shortest path to every node is now out.You should Sign Up to make sure you never miss a post!

The latest post in the CoVID-19 series, ‘How to model the effects of vaccination’ takes a look at how simple modifications of the SIR model can help us better understand how vaccines work. As usual, all the code is available in GitHub: http://github.com/DataForScience/Epidemiology101

The latest post in the Causality series covers section ‘3.7 — Mediation’, a recipe to calculate the controlled directed effect. The code for each blog post in this series is hosted by a dedicated GitHub repository: https://github.com/DataForScience/Causality​​

​This weeks Data Science Book is “Analytical Skills for AI & Data Science” by D. Vaughan. This is an unusual book that takes a holistic approach to AI and Data Science from a Business perspective. Aimed at managers with limited Data Science experience, this book uses increasingly complex practical examples to introduce a wide range of concepts and analytical techniques. Even if you have no direct interest in AI and Data Science, this book will give you enough background knowledge to be able to successfully manage Data Scientists, break down complex problems into individual components and help guide your team towards the right solution to your business problems.

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Tutorials and blog posts that came across our desk this week.

  1. DALL·E Now Available In Beta [openai.com]
  2. Pretty Maps in Python [tech.marksblogg.com]
  3. New method identifies the root causes of statistical outliers [amazon.science]
  4. Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2022 [fast.ai]
  5. Why Writing Your Own Search Engine is Hard [queue.acm.org]
  6. How to test ML models in the real world [towardsdatascience.com]
  7. Overview & Applications of Large Language Models (LLMs) [leighmariebraswell.substack.com]
  8. Jevon’s Paradox [prashanth08.medium.com]

Some of the most interesting academic papers published recently

Interesting discussions, ideas or tutorials that came across our desk

Graph Colouring Problem — Backtracking

All the videos of the week are now available in our Youtube playlist.

Upcoming Events

Opportunities to learn from us:

  1. Jul 26, 2022 — Time Series for Everyone [Register] 🆕
  2. Aug 9, 2022 — Advanced Time Series for Everyone [Register] 🆕
  3. Aug 25, 2022 — Natural Language Processing for Everyone [Register] 🆕

On-demand videos

Long form tutorials:

  1. Natural Language Processing 5.5h, covering basic and advancing techniques using NLTK and Keras
  2. Times Series Analysis for Everyone 6h covering data pre-processing, visualization, ARIMA, ARCH and Deep Learning models

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