Jam Galaxy — NAMM Performance & June 22 NYC Appearance!

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Jam Galaxy — NAMM Performance & June 22 NYC Appearance!

The Jam Galaxy band will be performing in New York City on June 22 at a satellite event of NFT.NYC. Tickets are on sale now!

Jam Galaxy band and Desdemona robot had a very successful (and loud!) debut on the main stage of NAMM 2022 in Anaheim California!

The Jam Galaxy Band performing at NAMM 2022 — Desdemona Robot on vocals, Gabriel Montes on guitar, and Jam Galaxy CEO Dianne Krouse on saxophone

Jam Galaxy band is making history as the first band with an AI-powered humanoid robot as a lead vocalist — and the first serious artistic exploration of the synergy between AI-generated spoken word poetry and improvised jam band music! It was fascinating to watch the people in the NAMM audience turn and realize that it was a robot’s voice floating out over the palm trees and the late morning crowd — looks of surprise, shock, and smiles and then a whole row of cameras being held up in the front row.

A big thanks to Janet Adams, Andres Suarez, and Mario Guzman for their support of Desdemona and Sophia. The rest of the band featured Dr. Ben Goertzel on keyboards, Dianne Krouse on saxophone, Dr. Gabriel Montes on guitar, Danny Newcomb on guitar, Jason Vontver on drums, Jeremy Lightfoot on bass, and Tony Mann on keyboards!

Next, the Jam Galaxy band is excited to be performing in New York City on June 22, at the DROM club, as a satellite event of NFT.NYC.

Tickets are on sale now at www.jamgalaxynft.com!

Join an unforgettable evening at Jam Galaxy Band’s with an immersive combination of music, technology, AI, and performance art. Thirty of the NFT tickets include a random bonus “Golden” ticket for a special meet and greet with Desdemona robot, Sophia robot, and Ben Goertzel.

As if that weren’t enough musical excitement, the Jam Galaxy will also be launching their first music NFT with the Jam Galaxy Band as the featured artist in the last week of June. The song, Immortals, is an original song by the band and was recorded and filmed on Vashon island in May. Upcoming NFT releases in July will feature Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and another local PNW artist. Early artists that have signed to the platform will have co-promoted NFTs released through our “Singles” program — stay tuned for details.

For more information visit the Jam Galaxy website, on Twitter, or on Telegram.


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