Mental health support made accessible using AI-powered chat

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When asked what barriers keep someone from finding adequate mental health resources, Theresa Nguyen, chief program officer at Mental Health America, replied, “What isn’t a barrier?” For someone who is struggling with mental health, these barriers could range from shame, access, all the way to affordability of solutions.  

Before she was an advocate for accessible mental health resources, Nguyen was someone who needed those resources for herself. She struggled with depression at a young age, but she couldn’t find resources to help her know what was “normal”. Without answers, she said she felt ashamed and thought it was easier to hide her problems than talk to someone about them.   

As the daughter of two working Vietnamese immigrant parents, she didn’t want to burden her family with her mental health struggles. She confided in a close friend and eventually the National Suicide Prevention Line but struggled to find treatment or a solution.  


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