Why is 3R Looking to AI to Boost Clients’ SEO ranking?

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Is your SEO campaign not producing the results you want? Perhaps, you need to assess if your strategy is aiming at the right ranking signals. While there are over a hundred of them, you can maximise your efforts by focusing on the top SEO Google ranking factors.

One of the most important ranking signals is content. It is not enough that you post a new material regularly. Your content’s quality also matters.

Search engines and people want high-quality content, the type that provides useful information for users and keeps them on the page longer.

Website security also greatly impacts SEO results. As studies show, secure or HTTPS websites rank higher. Meanwhile, aside from having poor rankings, non-HTTPS sites get marked on Chrome as “not secure”. So, make switching to HTTPS part of your SEO strategy. Know, however, that this task is not easy and requires the expertise of an SEO expert.

Mobile-friendliness is another ranking factor that you should focus on, especially with the implementation of mobile-first indexing. Your website must have a responsive design. More importantly, your desktop content should be identical to your mobile content.

Optimising your website for speed is also extremely essential if you want to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). Having a slow website is very costly! A one-second increase in load time causes decrease in customer satisfaction by as much as 16%.

Speed up your website or lose precious customers and tons of money!

Let us help you make the necessary changes and create an SEO campaign that’s going to help you convert those hits into purchases!


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