Hybrid group decision-making technique under spherical fuzzy N-soft expert sets

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This paper presents the concept of a new hybrid model called spherical fuzzy N-soft expert sets, which is an extension of spherical fuzzy soft expert sets. The proposed model is highly suitable to describe the multinary data evaluation in terms of spherical fuzzy soft information considering multiple experts’ opinions. Some fundamental properties, including subset, weak complement, spherical fuzzy complement, spherical fuzzy weak complement, union, intersection, AND operation, and OR operation, are discussed. Our proposed concepts are explained with detailed examples. An efficient algorithm is developed to solve multi-attribute group decision-making (MAGDM) problems. Further, to guarantee the high applicability scope and flexibility of our initiated framework, two real-world MAGDM problems, that is, predicting local election results using survey ratings before the election and ranking credibility of the smartphones using customer feedback, are solved. Finally, to endorse the accuracy and advantages of the proposed technique, a comprehensive comparative analysis of the presented approach with existing models such as spherical fuzzy soft expert sets and N-soft sets is provided.


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