Role of Artificial Intelligence in cyber security

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in cyber security

With growing cyber-attacks there arise a lot of complexities. Today the role of artificial intelligence in cyber security is grooming to help with avoiding threat. The artificial intelligence is helping with providing under resourced security operations analysts that stays ahead of such threats.

Efficiency of AI:-

The AI finds out the anomalies and then human analyses them for validity or any other kind of clues relating to its cause. The artificial intelligence gets smarter with its ability to identify the risks that will enhance and improve it. Apart from that it plays a major role with hunting for correlations between anomalous events.

How AI works with cyber security:-

There are a lot of ways in which you can identify the role of ai in cyber security. So here are some details relating to the cyber security and role of artificial intelligence in it.

The IDS or the AL- based intrusion detection system:-

This determines the ability to detect potential cyber threats by learning the differences between any normal and malicious traffic patterns.

The artificial intelligence learns some more about the source and it can better let to know what to look out for when something unusual or suspicious that is taking place here.

The machine learning assisted hacking tools:-

This helps with creating highly advanced hacking tools that are quite powerful than anything seen so far. The machine learning assisted with malware analysis is one of the excellent artificial intelligence that is being used under highly sophisticated hacks. In future it will build on some scary possibilities like phishing or any kind of artificial intelligence assisted ransom ware attacks with vectors making it possible by advances in natural language processing algorithms for the text generation. The AI system helps manage and solve various challenges relating to cyber security. They associate to analyse the data and is used to perform the correlation of patterns across good number of signals relevant to the enterprise attack surface.

Most important is to understand the impact of different security tools as well as security processes. These indeed are employed to maintain strong security posture. The AI is helpful to understand where the program is focusing to strengthening the process.


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