3 Great Slack Data Science Communities to join this year

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3 Great Slack Data Science Communities to join this year

Where do I e-connect with other Data Scientists, ML practitioners, and other Data Lovers

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It has been two years since the COVID pandemic hit the globe. Even though now two years later our lives seem to be returning to “normality” I think we all know that the world has changed.

Also, the world of Data Scientists and ML practitioners has changed forever. We have more remote working opportunities but this is not the only positive outcome of the pandemia.

Before COVID ML specialists would organize, live meetups, hackathons, talks, and conferences to meet fellow practitioners. This literally stopped in March 2020 and caused people to replace those activities with online activities. Online Data Science communities started to grow more than ever.

Now things start to open up and we start to go back to the live meetups stage but the importance of the online community will stay there. Just the idea that you can talk, learn and exchange ideas with people from all over the world without leaving your house is too good to be missed.

Therefore I would like to present you with three different slack online communities in which I am an active member.

  1. Data Talks Club

Slack link: https://datatalks.club/slack.html

Short description: This is one of the biggest Data Science communities out there. Alexey Griogorev who started the community is an amazing Data Scientist, speaker, and writer! There is a lot of good educational content there including articles, webinars, and a podcast. I actually had the pleasure to deliver a webinar on Monitoring Model Performance with Crowdsourcing there.

Best for: This community is good for all Data scientists and Machine Learning engineers. If you are just a beginner in the field of Data Science it will be a good place to start as well.

2. MLOps community

Slack link: https://mlops-community.slack.com

Short description: As the name suggests this is a great community for people working in MLOps. But what is MLOps? Think about MLOps as DevOps but specifically designed for Machine Learning problems. Obviously not that simple as that but I needed a one-sentence description here. Additionally, there is a very interesting story behind how this community started. You can watch Demetrios Brinkmann founder of the community talking about it in this interview.

Best for: People building or wanting to build real-life Machine Learning solutions. The work does not stop with just building models in the notebooks. In real life, you need to gather data, deploy and observe the models in production. This is a great community that shares practical tips on challenges encountered while building ML products.

3. Toloka Global Community

Slack link: https://toloka.ai/community

Short description: This community is incomparable to the two previous ones regarding the size but it is definitively the community that I am personally most involved in. I actually host some of the monthly meetups, Q & A sessions, and many other regular events. This community revolves around a data-centric approach toward AI and the annotation tool called Toloka. You will learn how to use crowdsourcing to get data for real-life ML projects and you will learn about some best practices in data-centric AI.

Best for: If you still think that data for your ML models come from Kaggle you desperately need to join this community. This is for everybody who wants to learn how to gather and curate data sets for real-life ML products. A lot of content evolving around e-commerce, search relevance, NLP, as well as computer vision.


I have just given you links to some great online Data Science communities. Go there, talk with other Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and data lovers, learn from each other, and most importantly have fun! And don’t be shy to send me a slack message there.

And as I mentioned before, all of those communities start to organize some offline meetups and events now. So stay tuned if there is anything happening in your location…

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