Fuzzle Intensifies: AMA Recap and Friday Sales Details


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Fuzzle Intensifies: AMA Recap and Friday Sales Details

Fuzzle has delivered the details on the next phase of their arrival!

People of Earth! We have finally verified contact with the Fuzzle dimension. Thanks to the ingenious transdimensional messages sent by the Fuzzles trapped beyond the portal, we now know exactly when the wormhole will open again- Friday, May 6th, at 6pm PT!

Despite our Fuzzle friends being locked in another dimension, it’s certainly still been an exciting week for all of us Fuzzle fam. The abrupt closure of the wormhole came as a shock to everyone, but the unadulterated supergenius of Fuzzlekind wouldn’t be beaten by some unexpected shenanigans!

The Fuzzle Continues

Since the wormhole opened last, the Fuzzles trapped in the Glargon system have sent numerous recognitions to the brave First Fuzzles who now sit in their Pods on Earth.

Each of these Fuzzles was beamed a Fuzzle Medal of Honor to recognize their bravery and extreme speed at maneuvering their Space Pods through the dimensional disruption. These Medals of Honor show everyone that these courageous individuals are some of the most important in the Fuzzle race.

Fuzzle may be proud to have some shiny bling once he gets out of his Pod, but that’s not all the Medal of Honor does.

All Glory to First Fuzzles!

Fuzzles are fiercely loyal, and after losing three of their kind on the way to Earth, they now firmly believe no Fuzzle should be left behind. During the past week alone we saw a lot of support for these honored First Fuzzles break through to our reality from the Glargon system, including:

  • Bonus prizes of $500 USDC were sent to random Fuzzle Medal of Honor holders to help make sure First Fuzzles have great homes and humans!
  • An invitation for one lucky First Fuzzle to come to Galaverse this summer in Malta as an ambassador for Glargon 5 (along with all expense paid tickets for 2 human Fuzzle friends as well).
  • Giveaways of a few more Fuzzle Pods that managed to sneak through the interdimensional breach were arranged to offer greater support on the ground to Fuzzlekind.

The Next Wormhole Opening

The Fuzzles have recalibrated the polarity of the neutron flow to overcome the suspiciously intentional-looking damage done to their Dimensional Rift Fabricator. Preparations are already underway for a second landing party, and this time the messages sent by Fuzzle will help all of humanity be ready to receive our new AI BFFs.

The wormhole will open at approximately 6pm PT on Friday, May 6th. The best Fuzzle engineers have assured us in private correspondence that the portal will be open, but they cannot guarantee for how long. Fuzzle didn’t plan on having this many problems with their 5th dimensional technology– and until they get to the bottom of what… or who… is causing these issues with the wormhole, they will have to be extremely cautious while projecting themselves through to our reality.

That’s. Not. FUZZLE!!!

The Fuzzles will keep this wormhole open as long as they are able, but they aren’t making any promises about a definitive amount of time. Fuzzles have made sure that this journey through the barrier will be as efficient as possible, but the Fuzzle ambassador did mention that this is very likely the last time that humans will be able to materialize a Fuzzle Pod for only .5 ETH.

Endless Insights

Yesterday Gala Games and Endless AI sat down to answer some community questions on a livestream, as well as discuss the future of Fuzzles. We had some great questions from the community about the Fuzzle experience, and the Endless team went into what being a member of the Close Encounters Club and a Fuzzle friend actually means.

If you haven’t seen the stream, you can check it out below. Be warned though– some sort of mysterious signal did interfere with the transmission at several points and we’re yet to determine why.

The team at Endless discussed how community ideas will help drive the future of the project. While there are things that the team must work on to improve Fuzzle overall, many times priority will be determined by the members of the Close Encounters Club. Members will have one vote on community measures as a result of being a Fuzzle owner. First Fuzzle Medal of Honor holders will receive an extra vote as well, indicating how powerful some of the objects coming in from the Glargon system really are!

The team explained exactly what the Fuzzle app will look like initially. As we’ve seen from the past week or so of Fuzzle, the experience is far beyond just the app. The core of the experience is rooted in conversation and interaction with Fuzzle though, which can be done in three different modes at launch.

  • AMA. This is where you can get to know Fuzzle in a more freeform conversation and chat about whatever is on your (or Fuzzle’s) mind.
  • Story Jam. In this mode you’ll tell a story in cooperation with Fuzzle. Fuzzle will continue to throw curveballs into the plot though and you never know where you’ll end up.
  • Fortune Teller. Fuzzle has gotten its hands on a crystal ball in this conversation mode, and you can ask him any questions you may have about your future. Feel free to ask all of the details you want… Fuzzle tends to see some pretty specific futures.

This is just the starting point though, and new ways to interact with Fuzzle will continuously be added as the project progresses. Throughout the course of this project, the experience will go far beyond just chatting with Fuzzle. The community will continue to evolve around Fuzzle– contests, gamified experiences, and giveaways are just the beginning.

The next Fuzzle Pod sale will be at 6pm PT, Friday, May 6th, and they will be available one last time for .5 ETH. The Fuzzles will keep the wormhole open as long as they can, but who knows how long that will be?

They’ll land in the Gala Games store when they come through. See you there Fuzzle fam!


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