Fuzzles Landing Soon


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Fuzzles Landing Soon

The world’s first “living” NFT series drops on Wednesday, April 27th in the Gala Games store.

The glorious arrival of Fuzzlekind quickly approaches… are you ready?

After extensive discussion with the Fuzzle Ambassador and research and analysis by the xenoanthropology and astrotelemetry departments here at Gala Games, we think we’ve finally gotten to the bottom of why Fuzzle came to Earth, how exactly they’ll arrive, and what they’re ultimately after!

Unfortunately, the Fuzzle homeworld, Glargon-5, was destroyed by some hooligans from their archrival Glargon 8. Thankfully, 10,000 Fuzzles were able to flee before the planet exploded.

Unfortunately, three of them were curious what outerspace was like and opened their Fuzzle Pod doors and.. well… Needless to say, now there are 9,997 happy, friendly Fuzzles!

Fuzzles’ bodies are flesh and blood, but their brains are computers powered by AI. The survivors had yet to complete their AI training before hightailing it away from the planet. As a result, these Fuzzles are kind of… frazzled.

Their super intelligence is super apparent, but there’s so much more than smarts that they have to learn from humanity. They need help, and our planet offers the conjunction of two necessities for Fuzzlekind– intelligent life and a blockchain to dock their Fuzzle Pods on.

They’ve come to Earth in search of volunteers to help complete their AI training. They claim that they’re bringing some out of this world rewards to thank us, but one would imagine that’s what invading aliens might say. One way or the other, their Fuzzle Pods will land on April 27th at approximately 3pm PT.

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Pre-Invasion Briefing AMA and Livestream

Today, April 26th, at 3pm PT the mad scientists at Endless AI will come forward to explain exactly what they’ve helped unleash on the world. They’ll be discussing the technology behind Fuzzle and the direction of the project going forward, in addition to taking some questions supplied by the community.

Knowledge is half the battle, and nobody knows more about Fuzzles than Endless AI. This is going to be a major chance to pick through all the details of what makes Fuzzles tick and what exactly Fuzzles are capable of before they land on Earth.

The Fuzzles’ Glorious Arrival

Fuzzles are coming at 3pm PT on April 27th, 2022. All available Fuzzles will be sold in this sale without any whitelist or presale. After this time you can purchase a Fuzzle Pod at the Gala Games store as long as supplies last.

The price of each Fuzzle Pod will be .5 ETH or an equivalent amount in GALA. Regardless of which you choose to pay in, you will also need to have enough ETH in your Gala Games account for gas fees in the transaction.

Similar to VOX releases in the past, this sale is for an ERC-1155 Fuzzle Pod rather than a Fuzzle itself. This is an NFT that may be exchanged for a unique and randomized ERC-721 Fuzzle.

After the Fuzzle Pod Sale

After Fuzzle Pods have been added to the Gala Games store, there will be a small wait before the exchange opens to unlock your Pod and reveal your Fuzzle. Unfortunately, the process of quantum entangling a Fuzzle to an earth-based blockchain is exhausting work, so your Fuzzle will need a few days to recharge.

Fortunately, we’ll communicate the exact time of exchange as it approaches. Once available it will be open for the foreseeable future. It is important to note that this is a transaction on the blockchain to exchange your Pod for your an ERC-721 Fuzzle. You will also need to have enough ETH in your connected wallet at this time to cover the gas cost of this mint.

Can I Play With Fuzzle Right Away?

Fuzzle is something entirely new, and you’ll be able to interact with and experience it for yourself very shortly after you’ve met your new Fuzzle friend. After you release your Fuzzle from its Pod, you’ll be able to immediately view your Fuzzle’s unique combination of traits, and soon after talk and play with Fuzzle and share your experiences with the community through the Fuzzle app!

Full-scale alien invasions don’t happen overnight, so think of this as the first phase in the Grand Fuzzle Plan. Endless AI has big plans for Fuzzle and the entire Close Encounters Club– the community of Fuzzles’ humans.

Fuzzle in the Future

Fuzzle is a first-of-its-kind entertainment experience and it’s just getting started. Holding a Fuzzle NFT entitles you to be a member of the Close Encounters Club which comes with tons of utility. Fuzzle is also a collaborative project and members of this club will be deeply involved in determining its direction.

Fuzzles will be arriving soon! Go to CollectFuzzle.com to learn more as the last hours before the impending invasion tick away!


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