TrueAGI — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #10

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TrueAGI — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #10

Hello Singularitarians!

This is another of our 2021 end of year series blog posts giving our valued community a review of our 2021 achievements… and a small peek at what comes next! This Roadmap 2021 End-of-Year Review Series will be followed up early 2022 with an in-depth series on the Roadmap plans for 2022 February. Don’t miss the rest of this series!

Note: SingularityNET has close partnership and development ties with a number of projects that are outside of the core spin-offs. These projects have been partnering closely with SingularityNET to tie their development strongly to the SingularityNET platform; they are the kind of high-quality, beneficial AI projects that SingularityNET was designed for.

However, as a decentralized organization, it is up to the entire community to determine the direction of the platform, and so these projects will be applying for DEEP funding. SingularityNET is excited to give a first look at these projects, as a small representation of the wide variety of projects the community will see in the DEEP fund initiative soon (the Catalyst Fund7 Challenge is another great place to see the types of amazing projects we should anticipate). Looking at these projects, the community can begin to contemplate the future directions of SingularityNET.

Jam Galaxy, from update 1, is one such project. Pathform, the subject of this blog, is another. Hopefully these projects are interesting and inspiring, and they spark conversations about the future of DEEP, and the future of AI on SingularityNET.

Pathform’s Purpose and Goals

Pathform aims to uplift human consciousness globally by developing and mapping Precision Consciousness — targeted, personalized micro-interventions — and from that space, facilitating collaboratively co-created understanding and solutions to the most pressing global issues.

Pathform exists to serve humankind in activating and calibrating their true north, and to help us be in more expanded and centred mindsets, especially when building the most impactful technologies of the future. This is critical within the ecosystem of SingularityNET, where developers are daily making design decisions about the AI’s in the development process. The quality of thinking when these AI’s are created will directly impact the quality, the benevolence, and the ethical behavior of the AI’s. And these AI’s are the seed of true machine intelligence.

SingularityNET is also at the forefront of some of the existential worries that many in the world experience when confronting the changes that AI, and eventually AGI, will bring to the world. Pathform is addressing this by helping people co-create future solutions, empowering them with ownership over the shape of their future.

Pathform Right Now

Pathform is developed by neuroscientist, consciousness educator/researcher, and musician Gabriel Axel Montes, PhD, in concert with the world’s leading AGI researcher and developer, Dr. Ben Goertzel. Pathform currently exists as a research and development collaboration between Dr. Montes and Dr. Goertzel, and is taking its first step toward launch with a Fund7 Catalyst Proposal, and eventually via DEEP fund.

Pathform will offer an app that delivers targeted micro-practices designed to open latent spaces of consciousness. These micro-practices will string together as custom AI-guided growth paths, which can be integrated into daily life. Pathform will be available to all; a specialized sub-audience will include developers and programmers of advanced technologies, e.g. AI/software/blockchain devs, as they are at the front lines of developing impactful tech. The Pathform app is being designed to utilize SingularityNET AI services, increasing platform API calls, and to add value for the SingularityNET spin-offs projects and AI developers. Pathform aims to offer support for communities, projects, and organizations to integrate consciousness development into their flow.

The app will offer biometrics and insights into personal cognition. Pathform is also poised to evolve so that it can apply Precision Consciousness to encode the multisensory stimuli. This is needed to produce holistic and beneficial experiences in a variety of settings, e.g. smart city urban environments and virtual/augmented reality.

Here is Dr. Gabriel, giving an update on Pathform’s current outlook:

A key and complementary aspect of Pathform is its collaboration with World Systems Solutions (WSS), a meta-organization dedicated to resolving global challenges and existential risk through conscious collaboration. Together with WSS, Pathform will offer facilitation in learning, uplevelling of consciousness, and co-creative ideation and solutions generation that addresses existential risk head-on in a grounded way.

Pathform — Achievements to date

Pathform has concretized its value proposition, created mock-up app designs, and begun to establish partnerships and collaborations. In addition, there have been a number of YouTube presentations to the SingularityNET community, and beyond, to introduce the concepts and history of Pathform. A whitepaper has also been drafted (release pending), and fundraising preparation has begun.

Pathform has created a proposal in Cardano Catalyst Fund7, and received warm feedback from both SingularityNET and Cardano communities.

Pathform’s Next Steps

Pathform is continuing and augmenting fundraising preparation efforts, YouTube presence, and community engagement. A proposal for DEEP Funding is being prepared in anticipation of the DEEP launch, and team-building is escalating in preparation. Pathform is also initiating community facilitation around AI ethics and global challenges/risks.

Pathform Needs You!

Pathform is pursuing the critical mission of cultivating the deep human intelligence and consciousness needed to generate ethical AI and a prosperous world for future generations. To get involved, as updates become available during the Catalyst Fund7 and DEEP Fund rounds, and to support these critical activities, jump on the website mailing list, follow Pathform on twitter and telegram, and subscribe to the YouTube channel.


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