Why You Need To Stop Letting Linkedin ‘Skill Tests’ Suck Your Time

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Linkedin Needs To Up It’s Assessment Game For Sure!

When Linkedin started out this, it was after a precarious research into their market. Linkedin ’s aim stemmed from the need of skills outweighing the college education for job hunting or during the hiring process.

Linkedin needs to stop this despicable feature on their platform, so it stops giving and receiving false hopes. Just in about time, Linkedin could become the next Meta or Instagram making cash off people.

Once the assessment is over, Linkedin welcomes a landing page of its registered courses and training programs. Thereby luring people in investing premium Linkedin memberships.

Linkedin personally would never take these badges into account when hiring their internal employees, as these degraded quality assessments lead to nowhere. It is currently serving no purpose at all, but causing an undermining effect on other valuable certifications. I just hope Linkedin takes action by these legit air of concerns by masses.

A hopeful themarsgirl80.. 🤞


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