Information-utilization strengthened equilibrium optimizer

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Equilibrium Optimizer (EO) is a novel meta-heuristic algorithm proposed in 2020 and it has a unique search mechanism and good optimization performance. To further improve its optimization performance, this paper proposes an Information-utilization Strengthened EO (IS-EO). Firstly, a cross EO (CEO) is constructed under the guidance of the historical individual-best information to strengthen information guiding. Secondly, a Global-best opposition learning CEO (GCEO) is created under the guidance of the global best information to a random individual to further strengthen information guiding. Finally, a differential mutation strategy is incorporated into GCEO to construct IS-EO and strengthen information sharing between individuals. Experimental results on the 65 benchmark functions and the 3 engineering design problems show that IS-EO attains stronger search ability and faster running speed compared with EO and other state-of-the-art comparison algorithms and can solve the engineering problems more effectively.

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