July 2021 Newsletter

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MIRI updates

  • MIRI researcher Evan Hubinger discusses learned optimization, interpretability, and homogeneity in takeoff speeds on the Inside View podcast.
  • Scott Garrabrant releases part three of "Finite Factored Sets", on conditional orthogonality.
  • UC Berkeley’s Daniel Filan provides examples of conditional orthogonality in finite factored sets: 1, 2.
  • Abram Demski proposes factoring the alignment problem into "outer alignment" / "on-distribution alignment", "inner robustness" / "capability robustness", and "objective robustness" / "inner alignment".
  • MIRI senior researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky summarizes "the real core of the argument for ‘AGI risk’ (AGI ruin)" as "appreciating the power of intelligence enough to realize that getting superhuman intelligence wrong, on the first try, will kill you on that first try, not let you learn and try again".

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