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  • Redwood Research, a new AI alignment research organization, is seeking an operations lead. Led by Nate Thomas, Buck Shlegeris, and Bill Zito, Redwood Research has received a strong endorsement from MIRI Executive Director Nate Soares:

    Redwood Research seems to me to be led by people who care full-throatedly about the long-term future, have cosmopolitan values, are adamant truthseekers, and are competent administrators. The team seems to me to possess the virtue of practice, and no small amount of competence. I am excited about their ability to find and execute impactful plans that involve modern machine learning techniques. In my estimation, Redwood is among the very best places to do machine-learning based alignment research that has a chance of mattering. In fact, I consider it at least plausible that I work with Redwood as an individual contributor at some point in the future.

  • Holden Karnofsky of Open Philanthropy has written a career guide organized around building one of nine “longtermism-relevant aptitudes”: organization building/running/boosting, political influence, research on core longtermist questions, communication, entrepreneurship, community building, software engineering, information security, and work in academia.
  • Open Phil’s Joe Carlsmith argues that with the right software, 1013–1017 FLOP/s is likely enough (or more than enough) “to match the human brain’s task-performance”, with 1015 FLOP/s “more likely than not” sufficient.
  • Katja Grace discusses her work at AI Impacts on Daniel Filan’s AI X-Risk Podcast.
  • Chris Olah of Anthropic discusses what the hell is going on inside neural networks on the 80,000 Hours Podcast.
  • Daniel Kokotajlo argues that the effective altruism community should permanently stop using the term “outside view” and “use more precise, less confused concepts instead.”

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