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The rapid optimization of Artificial Intelligence software has generated in the last decade a great growth in the use of these bots by companies.

Large companies such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Windows have bet on conversational bots in addition to a large number of startups these systems offer reinforcement for customer service.

In the following article, I detail more about what chatbots are:

But in what other ways do companies use them? There are many ways to use them, but the main, and most used are:

1 — Customer service.

In the majority of cases, they are used to perform customer service functions on major social networks. They can collect registration data, provide information, answer frequently asked questions, and so on.

They improve attention to current and potential customers in a considerate way and make interactions with this service faster and easier, generating pleasant user experiences.

2 — Online shopping and payment management

Chatbots help facilitates and simplifies online shopping and payment processes. They provide information and solve problems that users have throughout the purchase decision process.

In addition, they can perform searches, offer similar products or even allow payments to be made from within the chat conversation.

3 — Sending information and news about your company.

These can send information and news about the company in an automated way to customers and potential buyers of our online business.
If used correctly, it can be a useful tool for any company or brand.

4 — Create trust and empathy

Whatever type of business you have on the Internet generating an atmosphere of trust between your business and your potential customers is a fundamental factor.

Moreover, this factor will tilt the balance in your favor when this automatism manages to provide them with the help they need. This help can be by searching for products similar to the ones they were looking for or resolving questions related to home deliveries.

5 — Assistant 365/7/24

Similarly, one of its most attractive utilities is that since it is a process of automation of specific functions within the digital business, they are always available.

So, whatever the time or day of the year a user enters to inquire about our products or services, we will be able to serve you with total solvency.

6 — Investing in them is very profitable

Because once the automation is well programmed, it will require little or no maintenance, it is a very cost-effective action within our business strategy.

If the implementation is done by a plugin or add-on it will only need periodic updates, and programming variations in case we want to change some aspect of its daily functions.

7 — Offer the immediacy that users demand

In terms of speed, the chatbots that exist today are so versatile and offer such immediacy that they allow the user to have an immediate solution to the question or problem posed.

This factor is very relevant if we consider that nowadays, users demand more and more versatility in this type of program due to the existing competition.

8 — Ease of use

A large part of their success today is because they are very intuitive, and their installation and programming are not usually too technical and tedious.

Therefore, even a person in charge of an eCommerce or Internet business who had never handled one of these systems could manage its response system and customer service.

What are the most commonly used types of chatbots?

You can find as many types of bots as you can think of uses. In companies, these are the most commonly used types:

Chatbots to interact with customers.

About this type of system, we can put as an example the applications with functions of personal assistance by voice recognition, as they are:

  • Siri: created by Apple for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.
  • Cortana: developed by Microsoft and available for Windows, Xbox OS, and Android.

More and more users are using this technology, as it allows the user to interact naturally with the program, answering questions, performing actions, and making recommendations.

Several companies are incorporating chatbots as part of their technical support service.

Ikea, for example, is another of them: on its website, consumers can make multiple queries about the brand, services, or products by interacting with one of them.

Chatbots to optimize marketing tasks and processes

We have talked a lot about customer service, but the truth is that the use of chatbots is not only limited to improving the user experience but there are also some aimed at marketers.

Imagine being able to quickly get all the information you need for your email marketing campaign, for example, data on the best sending platforms, statistics, or new content marketing trends.

There is a type of chatbot that connects to a variety of databases and marketing systems to provide you with real-time information about traffic data, prospecting information, keywords, etc.

Some can help you sort your customers like Driftbot, which through a round of questions and answers interacts with customers to find the ideal product or service for each one.

In this way, we can channel the conversation to the most appropriate member of your team.

Bots in social networks

The use of bots in social networks has been a topic that has generated some controversy because it consists of the creation of “ghost” accounts to increase the number of followers.

It is a strategy in which several fake accounts disseminate messages through social networks to influence the opinion of users or raise a trend.

All this, through techniques carried out with social media tools, programmed for the publication of this type of content.


Chatbots are undoubtedly an excellent option to automate routine tasks in our company or business. They will help us save time and other resources that we could use to solve or improve other areas of our business.

As we saw, there are many ways in which a chatbot can be helpful to us, and I’m sure you can think of many more.

Thanks for reading!


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