Will Data Science replace Software Developers


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Data Science and Software Development are completely different fields, for example, take two tasks —

  • Predict house price in a prime location with previous Data available
  • Create a Website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript

It is obvious that creating a model to predict house prices will require a Data Scientist and building a website is a task of a software developer.

There are a lot of real-world examples where you can relate this thing, It is just like comparing a spoon and a fork…

To be more precise both software developers, as well as data scientists, are programmers. Don’t get confused after reading an article like “A Data Scientist earns $100k salary whereas Software Developer earns $60k

You don’t need to switch your position only to earn few thousand dollars more than your previous salary. Do what you actually wanted to do. Do what you always wished to do. Do what you love…


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