7 Must-Try Python Projects To Improve Your Freelancing Gigs


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2. Website For Data Cleaning and Analysis

Value: 300$-450$

We all know that data science is one of the most in-demand skills nowadays. To succeed in data science, you must be good in data analysis. It is the second key of a data science project.

Creating a website that can clean the data and perform data analysis on it is a great choice of project for your freelancing gig.

You can create that website with flask or Django whatever suits you. If you don’t want to spend too much time then go for streamlit. It is a lightweight open-source python library that makes it super easy to create and share custom web apps.

Although, this project will not give efficient results in every scneraio, still if you manage to build a website that can clean and perform some sort of data analysis it will be more than enough to impress clients.

Projects Ideas:-
1. Data Cleaning Website For NLP:- Most of the datasets in Natural Langauge Processing are get cleaned through the same process almost. For example, removing punctuation, stemming, lemmatization, stopword removal, etc. You can create a website that will take a dataset and return the cleaned version of it.

2. Data Analysis Website For ML:- In machine learning, every dataset is different and requires a unique approach to solve it. There are some things that are common like handling missing values, categorical values, etc. You can create a website that handles the data and generate data analysis graphs.


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