AI Birth to Boom

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AI Birth to Boom

Demystifying The Enterprises Journey To AI and Digital Transformation

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From references of Mechanical men and artificial beings in Greek myths, such as the golden robots of Hephaestus and Pygmalion’s Galatea, the Antikythera to realistic humanoid automatons built by craftsmen from diverse civilizations, including Yan Shi, Hero of Alexandria, Al-Jazari, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, and Wolfgang von Kempelen to the discovery of Leonardo Da Vinci’s complex sentient machine diagrams, one thing has remained constant: Artificial intelligence has always piqued society’s interest.

AI Has Come A Long Way From Greek Mythology

AI has come a long way from Greek Mythology and Hollywood’s outlandish creative interpretations over the last few decades to becoming mainstream in a whole gamut of applications from autonomous cars, to facial recognition to smart speakers. It’s safe to say AI is gradually but surely getting on to the realistic side of the hype cycle.

This boom in consumer side of AI is driving a massive shift in the enterprise ecosystem. The last decade has truly defined “DIGITAL” for enterprises with the incredulous boom of mobile, social, Internet and now AI. While some of the change and adoption has been a proactive focus, it’s the rapidly evolving consumer preferences and behavior that has forced enterprises to the corner called “adapt or die.”

This push for an enterprise-wide radical change in vision, process, technology stack and most importantly culture has pushed executives to think about “Digital transformation” more seriously, not only as initiatives but as a means to drive key business outcomes such as:

  • Contextualizing Customer Experience
  • Improving Operational Effectiveness
  • Developing and deploying new digital business models

Digital Enterprise

“Digital Enterprise” is not a tag that companies can attach to themselves based on a few initiatives they undertake. It is different vision, a new way of working and delivering value to customers. For enterprises to sustain the transformation, it is important for them to envision a value-based roadmap that evolves with milestones.

Executives have their jobs cut out for them; The Digital Transformation journey is not a choice anymore, so they have to get the entire organization geared up for a massive shift. There are a number of challenges they will have to navigate however:

  • Showing incremental RoI for AI investments over existing Data and Analytics Investments
  • Scaling up new AI capabilities
  • Creating synergies between investment in capabilities, technology and process reengineering
  • An outcome bound roadmap that the entire organization aligns to
  • Operationalization of insights across the organization for better decision making

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Looking Into The Crystal Ball

Looking into the crystal ball, AI has us earnest and hands clasped in excitement. Data science experts and technologists are aiming for Artificial General Intelligence or AGI which is essentially a machine that can successfully and intellectually perform any task that a human is capable of! This will bring forth an exciting future in everyday lives as well as Enterprise — from driverless cars or We’re looking to revel in technologies that have only been flights of imagination so far: automated transport or driverless cars are in the making, robots that can be widely implemented in health care and hospitality, smartphones that are getting sleeker and more intelligent.

On the Enterprise front, the combination of AI-powered analytics, machine learning, NLP and augmented analytics is set to become the new norm, as stated by Gartner. Whether it’s AI embedded devices or access points, there’s a drastic turnaround in the infrastructure development.

The rush to integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT) and having voice-based assistants in both personal and professional capacities has increased the level of IoT acceptance. While all this is oddly reminiscent of Black Mirror, the odds for AI-enabled lives are more positive and in our favor.

The lessons from studying this brief history of time is quite clear–AI surely has the potential to turn the transformation narrative on its head, but like all emerging technologies going through a hype cycle, AI too needs a pragmatic roadmap and how we reap returns from it.


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