The Ultimate Beginner Guide to Web Scraping

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How to extract data from HTML code with Python?

The code below finds all <div> elements representing a star and returns valuable information such as name, rank, gender, birth date, year, and title of their first movie, in a Python dictionary.

How to visualize HTML data using Python?

The next step is to build a so-called Pandas DataFrame in a nice table, as well as Matplotlib and Seaborn for visualization.

Web scraping allows us to perform some analysis such as how many performers made their first movie at an age before 12 or how many performers are actors.

For example, you can observe how women were at the top of their game compared to men in 2020.

The analysis uncovers Fred Williard to be, historically, the most proliferate actor in IMDb’s list of the Top 100 Stars for 2020, with 313 movies. Although actors tend to be more productive, actresses are more consistent historically. The standard deviation in credits for men is significantly larger than the one for women.

The histogram below suggests that one-third of performers in the 2020’s Top 100 list were born around the 1990s. The Top 3 actress, Anya Chalotra, debuted only in 2018 at age 22. She catapulted to Top 3 with the TV series “The Witcher”, which was only her 4th appearance in the movies industry.


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