Six application scenarios of artificial intelligence in the precise diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer

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The establishment of the precision diagnosis and treatment system and the advent of the digital intelligence era have not only deepened people’s understanding of liver cancer but also continuously improved the diagnosis and treatment methods of liver cancer. Cutting-edge computer technology represented by artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in the prediction, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of liver cancer. The rise of AI has given new vitality to liver surgery, as well as individualized treatment experience and greater healing opportunities for patients. We focus on summarizing the latest applications and developments of AI in liver cancer diagnosis and treatment from six aspects: virtual assistants, medical imaging diagnosis, adjuvant therapy, risk and treatment response prediction, drug development and testing, and postoperative rehabilitation management. Especially in the two major aspects of medical imaging diagnosis and adjuvant therapy, the development and achievements of AI are gratifying. Finally, we put forward a view on the current challenges of AI in the precise diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer and how to promote its development, and we have a prospect for the future development direction.


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