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Introductory Level

You will not be able to master Geospatial Data Science without first understanding the Geospatial component of the field.

  1. Introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS)

This Coursera specialization will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to get started with GIS. It provides several sub-courses that will cover topics such as the typical GIS data format, popular GIS toolbox, GIS project management, and some of the more popular GIS applications (eg. for environmental analysis, urban planning, ride-hailing business analytics).

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2. Introduction to Python Programming

Most of our geospatial data science projects will use Python programming language. If you are not already familiar with one, do consider enrolling in one free course by Coursera.

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3. Introduction to Data Science

Now that we are familiar with the basics of GIS and Python programming, we would need to learn the Data Science part of it. There are many resources out there, but I will recommend one by IBM that is closely related to GIS-related applications.

This specialization will teach you the ways of a data scientist. It will cover topics such as the data scientist mindset and tools that will be useful for one. In addition, you will be familiarized with specific statistical concepts and how to approach a data problem in a real-life scenario.

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By this time, you would already have some basic ideas of Geospatial Data Science. Now let us move on to the intermediate level.


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