Top 4 Python and Data Science IDEs for 2021 and Beyond

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It’s basically a text editor developed by Microsoft, but it does more than your average text editor. You can install a plugin for anything. Coding assistance works like a charm. Overall, it’s an easy to recommend product.

You can still do everything you can with JupyterLab, plus other things. Those include editing Python (or any programming language) files, using the built-in Terminal to manage environments and run files, style the editor with one of the gazillion themes, and much more.

The ability to open and edit .ipynb files is somewhat new, and wasn’t working the best at the start. Luckily, that’s changed.

You won’t go wrong with this one. Best of all, it’s entirely free.

Pros: Free, lightweight, easy to manage the entire data science project lifecycle, highly customizable.

Cons: Can sometimes feel a bit sluggish.


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