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My Experiences and Major Learnings:

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Now that we have a quick brief of my short backstory that many of my viewers have been interested in, I will try to explore some of my primary experiences and major learnings from continuously developing as a writer on this platform. In this section, I will explain five of the most important learnings that have helped me tremendously by increasing my understanding of concepts and general growth in personality.

1. Increased Learning Curve:

Although I initially started writing articles to showcase my work and develop more projects, I started to gain the urge to learn something new every day as I dwelled on writing more articles. My learning curve as a whole increased while writing articles because I kept understanding more new concepts as well as honing my skills on the topics that I already knew briefly about.

One of the major benefits of writing articles on a regular basis is that I could constantly keep myself updated with the new modern technologies and other new techniques that kept being discovered continuously in the world of Artificial Intelligence. While sharing them with other amazing readers, I had the opportunity to learn more on each topic personally as well.

2. New Channel of Thoughts:

While I usually got most of my best ideas while procrastinating randomly and wondering some of the most stupid things, I found out that for me personally, writing stuff helped me to channel my thoughts in a positive direction. It enabled me to think different things and not forget about what I was thinking because I wrote it down and then explored more about the topic.

The method might not be most suitable for most people, but it works great for me, and I would recommend giving it a try. You could also just write a few notes to ensure your thoughts are channeled in the right direction. Every different individual has different methods of picking up new concepts and understanding new ideas.

3. Understanding The Intricate Details of Online Blogging:

One of the major benefits for me personally was to understand the intricate details of online blogging. During the course of the year, I have had several learning experiences. As someone who was completely new to the world of writing Data Science articles online, I realized the correct procedures to follow online to achieve a more productive result.

The editorial team of TDS has been especially supportive throughout this journey as they helped me in several aspects of improving my writing skills as well as improve my online presence as a whole. Their helpful feedback aids in improving the quality of articles as well as my overall knowledge on the subject.

Thanks to the continuous knowledge that I obtained, it has also been a fantastic experience for me to work on a multitude of other projects or other working organizations. With some of the learning experiences like copyright claims on images, providing authentic sources, plagiarism rules, and other similar regulations, I have a clear understanding of how to proceed with most tasks.

4. Supportive Community:

One of the best aspects of learning AI, Data Science, or just Python programming, in general, is the vast amount of support and encouragement that you receive from the community. There are several websites, YouTube videos, discord channels, slack channels, GitHub, and so many other brilliant resources out there to explore and utilize for our benefit.

Apart from these resourceful materials, there are also constant updates in each of these fields, and the community works actively at perfecting each of the requirements effectively. If you are ever stuck on some issue, communities like Stack Overflow or just friends online are always willing to help. Using these opportunities, you can build awesome connections and thrive together as one!

5. Ultimate Satisfaction:

The entire process of choosing a topic, researching for the particular topic to gain additional information, writing the article, crosschecking and verifying facts and information, and finally publishing the article is one of the most pleasurable experiences. While sometimes the work might get tedious, it never kills the overall excitement to share something new and learn new experiences along the way.

The amount of encouragement that I received from the viewers, readers, friends, and the editorial team, has helped me to thrive and receive immense satisfaction. Hence, I will love to pursue the following hobby of writing articles on this platform for a long time.


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