3 Underrated Data Jobs with High Prospects


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1. Digital Analyst

What is a Digital Analyst? It is a job role where the individual is responsible for analyzing the company’s digital assets, such as an application or website. The person with this role is often tasked to create a report, develop a dashboard, analyse data, and decide based on the digital analysis.

A digital Analyst needs to work with Business Intelligence tools to acquire the data and analyze it to gain a competitive advantage over the brand competition. Also, Digital Analysts need to understand what happened in the market and know how to improve the company SEO. Overall, a Digital Analyst needs to do research analysis and work with a high amount of qualitative and quantitative data.

A Digital Analyst often needs to work with the sales and marketing department as their work are intersecting. Digital Analysts present the insight and analysis of the digital data for the marketing and sales team to enhance their sales activity.

There are various variations of this title, such as Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Media Analyst, Digital Experience Analyst, Digital Research Analyst, and many more. However, Digital Analyst is not the same as Data Analyst, even though they are similar. To be more specific, Digital Analysts could be assumed as a subset of Data Analysts — where a Digital Analyst is specific to analyzing the digital data.

To summarize, Digital Analysts need be able to:

  • Analyze a high amount of digital data to actionable insight
  • Understand the current market and navigate the digital environment
  • Use digital tools for accessing and analyzing data
  • Present the result to the organization in understandable ways
  • Develop insightful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

So, why consider Digital Analyst as your data career? Digital is a big part of modern life, and pandemics sped up the digitalization process. Every industry virtually is now in the digital industry and consequentially increase the gaps to fill in the digital needs. As proof, many industries report a massive increase in their digital business, from 50% to more than 100% increased business. With how the world revolves right now, Digital Analysts would be necessary more than ever.

Salary wise, Digital Analysts could make decent money for people without much experience, as shown in the Digital Analyst salary from PayScale. Overall, you could expect the start at $50.000 and increase as you gain more experience.

Overall, if you are interested in the Digital Analyst job, you need various skills such as reading the data, proficiency with digital tools, research capabilities, and good communication. To help you learn, you might want to look at this career guide or the introduction material.


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